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Important information and guidance

Access Refworks

Ref Works New,

There are currently two versions of Refworks available which run as totally separate accounts.

  • All new users should choose the New version and “create an account" with your University email.
  • "New Refworks" users: Login with your university email address and RefWorks password above.
  • Existing "Legacy Refworks" users should use the link in the section below.

Full Details

Refworks is used to collect and manage your sources. It will also create your Reference list (Bibliography) in the Referencing style of your choice. Most courses use Cite Them Right but some such as Law or Psychology use other styles (check with your lecturers).  Refworks can format your references in whichever style you require.

"New  Refworks" help guides and video training

RefWorks Citation Manager update:  Version 2 of the App should be coming out in September/October.  They are promising that it will be more stable and quicker than version one and should be used with Word/Office 2019. Word/Office 2016 and earlier should continue to use the write-n-cite plugin for now.  (NB. it is not possible to swap between the two apps within a document) See the guide above for more details.

  • Refworks (Legacy Version)

    Legacy Refworks

    Known as the Legacy version this version will be withdrawn in 2019.  Existing users can continue using a Legacy account login until then. If you are new to Refworks please use the new version, see above.

    Existing users: Your account will automatically link through to Legacy so you will need to go to to set up a New Refworks account.

    See Getting started for more information.

    Once your account is set up you can Import the references from your Legacy account.

    If you have two accounts you will be asked which one you want to import to each time.

    Legacy Refworks help guide

  • Refworks for Alumni

    When you leave the University of Cumbria, you can continue to access Refworks through an Alumni account.  This will remain active for as long as the University subscribes to RefWorks.

    To change to an Alumni account:

    • Click on your name to access Settings
    • Under your Profile select Role and change to Alumni.
    • If you have Associated your account with your University account (Credentials), Remove Credentials.
    • Change your email address to a personal one (you won't have access to your University one!)

    For any questions about alumni accounts, please contact

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