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  • Access Refworks
  • Link to RefWorks for login using personal account
  • Brief description Online reference management system. See below for an updated Introductory Guide to RefWorks
  • Resource type References and abstracts
  • Accessibility Statement: UoC / Supplier

Access Refworks

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Refworks is now linked to the university's access system so logon with your usual username and password.  

  • If you end up at the Refworks login screen use the Institutional log in option.
  • Creating an account is straight forward but see the Proquest Refworks guide  for details.

Full Details

Refworks is used to collect and manage your sources. It will also create your Reference list (Bibliography) in the Referencing style of your choice. Most courses use Cite Them Right but some such as Law or Psychology use other styles (check with your lecturers).  Refworks can format your references in whichever style you require.

Refworks also has in-text citation management tools, see the section below.

Refworks help guides and video training

  • Managing your citations

    You can also use Refworks to insert citations in Word and then create a Bibliography (Reference list) at the end.  There are two ways to do this:

    • Manually from within Refworks.  See page 11 in the Proquest Refworks guide.
    • Using the RCM (Reference Citation Manager).   Download the guide to using Refworks RCM

    The RCM is already loaded on campus PC and laptops and on university downloaded versions of Microsoft 365. For other versions of Word you will need to add it from the Store.  Instructions in the Refworks RCM guide.

    The RCM is now available in Google docs as well.  See the guide to installing on Google Docs. You will need to set up an Alternate Password (In settings) to use the RCM in Google docs.  It can be the same Password that you log in with. It just needs to be added to your account as your institutional logon won't work with the RCM.

    The end of Write-n-cite
    Historically there has been an additional tool called Write-n-Cite (WnC).  This is being withdrawn during 2024 and any existing users will be notified by RefWorks how to upgrade to the RCM.  

  • Refworks for Alumni

    When you leave the University of Cumbria, you can continue to access Refworks through an Alumni account.  This will remain active for as long as the University subscribes to RefWorks.

    You need to change your status to Alumni before your University access ends!

    To change to an Alumni account:

    • Click on your name to access Settings
    • Under your Profile select Role and change to Alumni.
    • Change your email address to a personal one (you won't have access to your University one!)
    • If you have have set up your account with or Associated it with your University account (Credentials), Remove Credentials.
    • Set up an Alternate password.  It can be the same one it just needs to be added here.

    For any questions about alumni accounts, please contact

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