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  • Brief description Systematic reviews in Education, Crime and Justice and Social Welfare
  • Resource type Trials and reviews
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Direct on and off campus.

Full Details

The Campbell Collaboration prepares, maintains and disseminates systematic reviews in education, crime and justice, and social welfare. The systematic reviews are published consecutively in a peer-reviewed monograph series called Campbell Systematic Reviews and are collected in the Campbell Library.


c.300+ articles.


The simple search box at the top of each library page allows you to enter search terms in a single text box. The search box includes the option to select a field restrictor.
The browse feature allows you to access Campbell documents by topic.
The advanced search option allows you to access the full search feature page for Campbell, including keyword search, providing access to a thesaurus-based search of search terms.
Searches that you have input during your current session can be accessed from the search history feature.
This feature allows you to build and save complex searches using current search terms and adding new terms through the page's search function.

Search Tips

Boolean operators: Use AND or OR to create a more complex search - cognitive AND behavioural -
behavioral OR behavioural
Wildcard truncation: Use an asterisk (*) to search for multiple characters after a search string. boot camp*.

Guides and leaflets

A user guide is available from the Campbell library webpage. 

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