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lil_laptop_learn, lil_laptop_learnThe Linkedin Learning library of 10,000+ digital courses are taught by industry experts and cover a wide range of business, creative and technical topics, from leadership “soft skills” to design principles to programming. They’re always evolving the library, adding at least 25 courses a week, and teaching the leading-edge skills you need to stay current.

The courses are broken down into bitesized chunks, so you can watch a short video now and continue next time you're free.

Linkedin Learning Login (University username and password)

Read the "Activate Your Account Today" (below) before you access Linkedin Learning for the first time.

To make the most of our recommended Linkedin Learning courses, don't forget to take advantage of the university offer of FREE copies of Microsoft Office 365.

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  • Activate Your Account Today

    1. Login to Linkedin Learning

    Whenever you click to login to Linkedin Learning (using the University of Cumbria link at the top of this page), you will be taken to a University of Cumbria login page:

    LIL_login_01, LIL_login_01 

    Use your usual network login on this page.

    2. Linking accounts (Optional)

    Linkedin Learning will prompt you to link your Learning account to your profile. This step is completely optional and it is your choice whether or not to do this. You do NOT need a account to access Linkedin Learning.

    LIL_login_03, LIL_login_03 

    If you have a account - joining the accounts together will allow you to post your achievements/certificates directly to your Linkedin profile.

    If you choose not to link your accounts - you will be prompted to do it anyway. Feel free to decline again:

    LIL_login_04, LIL_login_04

    If you link your accounts - next time you login, you will be prompted to do the University of Cumbria login AND a login.

    LIL_login_02, LIL_login_02

    3. Job Role 

    Next you are prompted to choose a Job Role. This can be useful for Linkedin to suggest content for youand you can change this later.

    LIL_login_05, LIL_login_05 

    4. Skills

    These are the areas of study that interest you. Some suggestions are put forward, but you can use the search box to find relevant skills.

    LIL_login_06, LIL_login_06 

    If you cannot see anything that you want to add right now, we suggest that students should select Time management.

    You must select at least one Skill before you can progress into your account.

    You are now logged into Linkedin Learning and can return at any time, using the university link.

  • Let's Get Digital ★ Digital Capabilities Pathways ★

    Digital Capabilities Pathways presents you with the opportunity to develop your digital skills and digital capabilities through the completion of a range of short courses within Linkedin Learning. These are supplemented by suggested resources and guides that are available through Skills@Cumbria.

    Not only will you be improving your own digital understanding, skills and capabilities, but you will have a Certificate of Completion for every skill you gain. Whilst the skills will support your studies and future career, the certificates will show future employers how much you have learned.

    Digital Capabilities Pathways

  • Let's learn something new today! ★ Recommended Content ★

    like_colourful, like_colourfulWe have created some collections of Recommended Content that we know will be useful for your studies and future careers. These recommendations include resources for:

    • All students and staff
      • Getting started with Linkedin Learning
      • Office 365
      • Social media
      • Presentations
    • Arts, media and photography
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • InDesign
      • Dreamweaver
      • and more...
    • Spreadsheet, data and SPSS
    • much more is coming soon...

    Once you have activated your account, you can visit our Recommended Content page to view, explore and study these courses.

    Recommended Content


  • Certificates and awards


    For every course you complete, Linkedin Learning issues a certificate of completion. You can save these as PDF, print them, add them to a portfolio or add them to your profile.

    LIL_sample_cert, LIL_sample_cert 

    View / access your certificates

    To view your certificates - click on the In Progress button at the top of the screen:

    LIL_progress, LIL_progress

    Choose Learning History and you will see a list of courses that you have completed.

    Each completed course gives you the options to Add to your profile or to Download your certificate as a PDF:

    LIL_completed_course, LIL_completed_course

  • Mobile Apps

    lil_app_logo, lil_app_logoThe LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With your University of Cumbria login, you can watch full courses across learning, technology, creative and business topics.

    Linkedin Learning Apps:  iOS   Android / ChromeOS 

    Login to the app

    You MUST activate your Linkedin Learning account using a computer before you can login to the app.

    Login (Quick steps)

    1. Download and open the Linkedin Learning App - select Sign in with your organizational portal

    2. On the next screen - select Continue

    3. Enter as your organization's domain

    4. You will be redirected to a web browser login page - sign in using your university email and password

    5. If you have linked your Linkedin Learning account to your profile, you will be asked to do an additional login at this point

    6. You are now logged into the app and can continue any existing learning or discover something new.

    Login (Illustrated)

    1. Download and open the Linkedin Learning App - select Sign in with your organizational portal 

    app_login_01, app_login_01

    2. On the next screen - select Continue 

    app_login_02, app_login_02

    3. Enter as your organization's domain 

    app_login_03, app_login_03

    4. You will be redirected to a web browser login page - sign in using your university email and password 

    app_login_04, app_login_04

    5. If you have linked your Linkedin Learning account to your profile, you will be asked to do an additional login at this point 

    app_login_05, app_login_05

    6. You are now logged into the app and can continue any existing learning or discover something new. 

    app_login_06, app_login_06

  • Quick tips

    Saving / bookmarking content

    Found a course or video that you want to take a look at later? Simply save/bookmark that resource and it will be saved into your Saved folder.

    Click to Save

    lil_save_01, lil_save_01

    Tick shows resource as Saved

    lil_save_02, lil_save_02 

    Viewing your saved content and/or removing a bookmark

    Click on the Saved button, at the top of the screen, to view everything that you have saved for later:

    lil_save_04, lil_save_04 

    This will show you a list of everything that you have bookmark. Click on the title of any item to view that resource or click on the Unsave link to remove it from your list.

    lil_save_03, lil_save_03

    Your progress

    Already started a course or video? Return to complete it at any time by clciking on the In Progress link at the top of every page:

    LIL_progress, LIL_progress 

    Started, but unfinished, items are also displayed as an item on the Linkedin Learning home page:

    lil_progress_02, lil_progress_02 


  • Linkedin Learning Username and Password

    Linkedin Learning Login

    Your Linkedin Learning login is your university email address and network password.

    If you change your password (on a university computer or through the Password Reset Service) your Linkedin Learning password will change to match this.

    If you have chosen to link your Linkedin Learning account to your Linkedin profile, you will also be prompted to do an additional login step that requires your personal username and password. These were set when you created your account and are not affected or managed by the university.

    Linkedin Learning username within the platform

    Your username, within Linkedin Learning, looks like an email address but is not one.

    Students: [student number] + [] which looks like

    Staff: [network login name] + [] which looks like or

    These are simply a way of identifying you within the Linkedin Learning system and will appear as your name on certificates of completion.

    If you have chosen to link your Learning account to an existing account - your certificates should display the name that appears in your profile.

  • FAQs (inc. error messages)

    1. I have an error message.

    There are various reasons why you may encounter an error, error message or blank page (especially when trying to login for the first time or on a new device). Consider the following:

    • Have you activated your account using a laptop or desktop computer? Activations using mobile devices do not always work.
    • Have you followed the correct link to get into your university Linkedin Learning account? The correct login link is this one: UoC Linkedin Learning
    • Are you using the correct login details? This will be your full university network login.
    • Have you linked your account to your Linkedin Learning account? You will need to login with your UoC login AND then login with your login - these will be different login credentials.

    If you are still having problems - contact the ITServiceDesk and provide as much of the following details as possible:

    • The type of device you are using (Mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.)
    • Operating system (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.) - a version number is also useful
    • The web browser you are using (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
    • The nature of the error you are seeing - is it a message or a blank screen or an image - a screenshot can also be helpful in identifying and resolving issues 

    2. I want to link my Learning account with my account.

    You can do this when you first activate your account (see First time login and options above). You can also do this from your account area by looking for the following button on your Linkedin Learning Home page:

    lil_linking, lil_linking

    3. I want to disconnect my Learning account from my account.

    If you are still with the university, we will need to remove your access to Linkedin Learning and then you can sign up again without connecting your account. All learning progress will be lost.

    If you are no longer with the university, you will need to follow the instructions on this page: 

    4. Can I use the Linkedin Learning app?

    Yes. See the links, higher up this page, to get the app for Android and Apple devices and to see the instruction for use. You must activate your account on a computer prior to logging into the app.

    5. I want change the Job Role I declared when creating my account.

    If you have linked your Learning account to your account - changing your current Job Role in will change your Role in Learning.

    If you have NOT linked your Learning account - 1. Click on Me at the top of a Linkedin Learning page. 2. Click on Skills. 3. Select Add your title (near the top of the page) and enter your new preferred Job Title/Role in the window that opens.



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