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Welcome to the University of Cumbria.

The content on this page is designed to support all students who are studying away from our main campuses. We have included information about how to get started, information about all of the main IT systems & services you will be using and where to find help if you need it.

  • New Students: Getting Started

    You must complete both parts of the Registration/Activation processes in order to enable access to university systems i.e. Blackboard, Student Hub, Student Email, etc.

    New students will also benefit from viewing and completing the MyList checklist which will help to ensure that you have completed eveything you need to do. Please note that some elements of MyList are intended for on-campus students so you won't be expected to do things like "visit your local campus library".

    dl_1, 1 Online Registration 

    Register fully on ICON (the University's Student Records System).

    You will be sent a username (ie. your student ID number) and password by Data Management as part of online registration process for confirming your registration on your module or course. You will be asked to change the password and to log into ICON to fill in all your details and complete the registration process.

    You won't be added to our IT systems and won't be able to do your account activation until you fully complete this registration process.

    Top tip: have a digital photo of yourself to hand, so you can upload it into your registration, this is added to your student record and is used on your Cumbria Card (student ID).

    dl_2, 2 Account Activation 

    Your University of Cumbria username and password will give you access to Blackboard, UoC email and all of our electronic resources. Although it is the same username (student ID number) as ICON, you will need to choose and register a password to activate your account. As a Distance Learner student - follow the First Log On ➡ Off campus instructions on the Passwords and Logins page.

    dl_3, 3 Password Reset Register with the online Password Reset Service. The Password Reset Service will enable you to change your password whenever you need to.
    dl_itservicedesk, orange cartoon of a woman wearing a telephone earpiece Errors or problems  If you encounter any errors or problems, during the registration or activation steps, please contact the IT Servicedesk for support. 
    dl_cumbria_card, orange cartoon of identification card Cumbria Card

    Your Cumbria Card is your University of Cumbria student ID. You can use this to withdraw books, if you visit one of our campuses, but also use it as evidence of your student status when visiting other libraries. If you uploaded a photo during your online registration, then a Cumbria Card will be produced for you and will be held at Lancaster. Email, from your student email account, asking for this to be posted out to you.

    If you did not upload a photo, you can email a jpeg format headshot to (from your student email account) and one will be produced and posted to your registered address.

  • Student Hub and Other University Systems

    dl_student_hub, orange cartoon of pin point Student Hub

    The Student Hub is your starting point for all things University of Cumbria. Log into the Hub for access to all university systems and services, including direct links to Email, Blackboard, OneSearch, ICON and OneDrive. You can access the Student Hub from any university web page ( by clicking on the STUDENTS link (top right) or by bookmarking

    The Student Hub is also available as an app for Android and Apple devices. See our Mobile Apps page for direct links.

    dl_email, orange cartoon of email icon Student Email

    Your student email account is the university's first point of contact with you and your email address is used as your username for most university systems.

    You email address is s(your student number) and will look like this:

    More information and FAQs about your student email account can be found here: Student Email

    dl_blackboard, orange cartoon of laptop Blackboard Blackboard is your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is where your course content is delivered. All the modules you are currently registered on should appear on the left hand side of Blackboard homepage after you have logged in. If a module is missing, you will need to contact your module tutor.
    dl_onesearch, orange cartoon of search icon OneSearch OneSearch is your access to our library resources. Use OneSearch to search for ebooks, books, journals, eresources and a whole lot more. You can also reserve items, view your library account and change your library PIN. 
    dl_onelist, orange cartoon of three bullet points with lines OneList OneList is the university reading list system. The lists have been compiled by your tutors and subject librarians and should be used as a starting point for your research. You will find links to reading lists from each of your Blackboard module sites.
    dl_icon, orange cartoon of an ID card ICON ICON is our student records display system. You can view both your course and personal details at any time via ICON. Module results will appear in ICON when they are released and you can update your personal/contact details here (please keep this up to date). 
    dl_onedrive, orange cartoon of microsoft onedrive OneDrive

    Your University of Cumbria OneDrive provides a place in the cloud where you can store, share, and sync your university files. You can create, update and share files from any device with UoC OneDrive. Your OneDrive account also gives you access to the online versions of Office 365 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

    More information and FAQs about your OneDrive account can be found here: Student OneDrive

    dl_mobile, orange cartoon of 2 mobile phones Mobile Apps The Student Hub, Blackboard, Outlook (student email), OneDrive and Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) are all available as mobile apps. Visit on your phone or tablet to use the direct links to your app store.
  • Using Libraries


    dl_study, orange cartoon of books on a shelf University of Cumbria Libraries We have a range of library facilities throughout our campuses and some offer 24 hour access. Visit Our Libraries to see library locations, opening hours and contacts.
    dl_eresources, orange cartoon of laptop Online Access

    We provide online access to ebooks, journals, eresourcessubject resources (collections of resources that have been collated to support your subject) and the Insight research repository.

    Use OneSearch to search for ebooks, books, journals, eresources and a whole lot more.

    dl_postal_loans, orange cartoon of a book with an arrow on it facing up Postal Loans It is not always convenient for distance learning students to get to one of our library locations, so you can register for the postal loans service and we can post books out to you. Do remember that we have over 350,000 ebooks that you can find through OneSearch
    dl_other_libraries, orange cartoon of a book Using Other Libraries The University of Cumbria is a member of the SCONUL Access scheme which allows certain categories of student (including distance learners) to join and borrow from other academic libraries. There are currently 170+ academic libraries that you can use (not all of them will allow you to join as full members) and it's likely that there is one near you.
    dl_eduroam, orange cartoon of wifi icon Eduroam Wifi As University of Cumbria students, you can use the Eduroam wifi network for free internet access. Eduroam is usually available at universities and colleges (including their libraries), but you can check for participants in your area via the Eduroam Interactive Map.
    dl_library, orange cartoon of a library The British Library University of Cumbria students living in, working in or visiting London are able to use the Reading Rooms in the British Library at St Pancras. You will need to register for a Reader Pass. There is information on how to do this on the British Library website (How to get a Reader Pass).
    dl_ask_a_librarian, orange question mark in an orange outlined speech bubble Ask a Librarian

    During normal staffed library hours, contact our Libraries via or individual library contacts.

    Got a question about using library services, finding information, enquiries about referencing and searching information resources even when the library is not staffed? Use the Ask a Librarian service between 5pm and 9am during the week and round the clock at weekends and bank holidays.

  • Getting the best from your searching

    OneSearch is a good place to start your research. However as you progress through your course you will need to develop your searching skills to incorporate other sources.

    Watch the tutorial below for an introduction to searching or access our Finding Information page for more advice.

    How to search

    howdoisearch_placeholder, how do i search placeholder image

    Click on the image above or use this link to view the tutorial: How to search tutorial

  • Preparing and Writing Assignments

    New Students: Study skills courses

    We have created a set of introductory study skills courses to help you understand academic skills and begin your assignments.

    • Head Start (Level 3 and 4 undergraduate study)
    • Head Start Plus (Levels 5 and 6 undergraduate study)
    • Preparing for Postgraduate Study (Level 7 postgraduate study)

    These are all available through the Blackboard Open Education MOOC platform. See information, instructions and links here: Head Start.

    Academic Skills

    dl_skills, orange cartoon of a head with a wand on top of it Skills@Cumbria The skills@cumbria website provides support on all aspects of academics skills from reading and writing for university to referencing and being critical. Access the site to see how we can help.
    dl_support_appointment, orange cartoon of shaking hands Skills Support You can get individual support from our Academic Advisers, either through our email service, where you can get feedback on 500 words, or by booking a skype appointment. Click on Skills Support for more information.

    Research Skills

    dl_dissertation, orange cartoon of 3 stacked pieces of paper and pen on top Dissertations and Research Dissertations offer you a great opportunity to investigate a topic of particular interest to you with a view to discovering new knowledge or practice. Don't forget that a dissertation must take a critical stance. 
    dl_research, orange cartoon of a microscope Postgraduate Researchers Researching at postgraduate level needs all of the skills of undergraduate courses, but requires a higher level of understanding, greater independence and more specialised knowledge than undergraduate study. Discover the library resources, services and systems available for researchers at the University of Cumbria.
  • Submitting Assignments

    Most assignments, at the University of Cumbria, are submitted via Turnitin in Blackboard. Turnitin is a plagiarism detection and prevention database which will provide feedback to you on the similarity of your work compared with a worldwide collection of resources and previously submitted student work.

    We have also created a Trunitin Test Area, so that you can check your work before formally submitting it. This should help you to ensure that you correctly reference any sources you use in your work.

    Other assignments, particularly in the Institute of the Arts, will have alternative submission requirements. Your tutors will tell you what is required.

  • Digital Skills and FREE Microsoft Office


    dl_it, orange cartoon of a mouse being clicked Digital Capabilities There is a lot of help and advice relating to your digital skills/digital capabilities. You can also use the site search (top of this page) to look for specific products, services and systems e.g. Blackboard, Turnitin, etc.
    dl_office, orange cartoon of microsoft word icon Free Microsoft Office Office 365 Pro is available to all students to download and install on up to 5 personally owned devices. 
    dl_lil, orange cartoon of LinkedIn logo Linkedin Learning Free access to over 10000 online courses in subjects that include IT, business and the arts. Gain new skills and evidence that skill by earning a certificate for every short course you complete. 


  • Getting Help - Contact Us

    ServiceQuick Contact
    dl_it, orange cartoon of a mouse being clicked IT Service Desk for all things related to IT, passwords, logins and access to systems.
    dl_library, orange cartoon of a library Libraries for all things library; including access to other libraries (SCONUL) and postal loans. Full contact details for each library can be found on the Library Locations pages or use the Quick Contact email address.
    dl_study, orange cartoon of books on a shelf Study Skills - Skills@Cumbria is here to help you develop your academic skills.
    dl_pad, orange cartoon of a cog with a small checklist in front Programme Administration (PAd) for everything related to your course, progress, attendance and assessments. Contact the PAd at the campus where your course is registered. Contact the PAd
  • University Support Services

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