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Programme Administration offices (PAds) are student focused information points based across the University of Cumbria campuses. We provide a wide range of services, information, advice and guidance relating to different aspects of your course and study.  

We liaise with other services within the University at different campuses, so if we can't help you we can put you in contact with those who can. If you have a matter you would prefer to discuss in confidence, we would be pleased to make suitable arrangements to speak to you.







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  • Where to find us

    Please follow this link to find out where we are located. If you are not sure of where we are you can also use information on the campus maps to find which building we are based in.  Reception at each campus would also be happy to direct you.

  • What we do

    We are:

    • Here to help you!
    • Your first point of contact for all queries and information relating to your course or academic study whilst at the University.
    • The people to ask if you need advice and information on University procedures and regulations. 
    • The place where you hand in any hard copy assignments.  Further information on assignments can be found here. You can also collect assignment coversheets from the Programme Administration office. We also notify you when your assignments are ready for collection. You need to present your Cumbria card to collect your assignments from us.
    • The people to ask if you are an international student and you need to have your Erasmus or Study Abroad documents authorised.
    • The place where you can collect withdrawal, intercalation and transfer forms from and where you need to return them to once completed.
  • Forms

    To ensure the most effective processing we request that forms and documents are scanned and sent by email to the appropriate email address. If you are unsure which email address to use, send to and they will process your form or forward to the correct department.

    We are unable to access posted documents at this time. 

    How to scan your document(s)

    We are the location for you to collect the following forms:

    More information

    Academic Appeal form

    Assignment Cover Sheet
    Download form

    Part-time Module Registration and Withdrawal
    More information

    Extension form

    Extensions to Submission Deadline

    Extenuating Circumstances
    More information
    Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form

    More information

    Personal Details Amendment
    If you wish to make changes to your name or title these changes need to be verified by original legally valid documentation.  The following forms of identification are acceptable:

    Your passport
    Photographic driving licence
    Marriage Certificate
    Birth CertificatePassports, Passport with country stamps in
    National identity card (for non UK students)
    Decree nisi
    Deed poll document
    Notarised verification of change of name

    More information

    More information 

  • Letters / Confirmation of Student Status

    We can also provide a number of different letters or documents for you. Always bring your Cumbria card with you when you are visiting your Programme Administration office so that you can prove your identity.

    Don’t leave requests to the last minute.  Please allow at least 2 working days for the preparation of letters or documents.

    Confirmation of Student Status

    This may be used to verify your student status for memberships or travel cards.

    You will have received electronic copies of your Council Tax Exemption Form (if you meet the eligibility requirements for this) and also your Confirmation of Registration letter when you were fully registered in your first year of study.

    You will be provided with a new Confirmation of Registration letter each time you register for successive years of your course providing that you have no outstanding issues for your registration.  This letter is provided for both full time and part time students.

    A letter for your Bank

    This is required for you to open a student bank account and especially if you are an international student who would like to open a bank account in the UK when you do not hold a UK passport.  Most banks require a specific format and content of information to be included within this letter, so it differs from the Confirmation of Student Status letter.

    Council Tax Exemption

    If you are a full time student and fully registered, you will be e-mailed a Council Tax Exemption letter as soon as your registration is complete. This document should be sent or taken to the local Council Tax Office, with your Council Tax bill if you have received one. Your Council Tax Exemption form is transferable between addresses.

    Council Tax Exemption forms are only provided for those students who meet the eligibility requirements in terms of their attendance and hours of study.  This form provides exemption under Regulation 5 of the Council Tax (Discount Disregards) Order 1992.

    If you lose your certificate or need a further copy during your course, please contact your Programme Administration Office by e-mail or phone and we will send you a copy by return.

    Travel cards

    We can also stamp your railcard or travel card, e.g. Oystercard, application to confirm you are registered as a student at the University.

    Ad hoc letters

    If you require a specialised letter for a particular requirement e.g. for a pension fund or for accounting purposes, please ensure that you provide the full address, title and contact details of the organisation and person you would like us to write to on your behalf.

  • Reporting an Absence

    Advice on how to report an absence and who you need to contact to do this.  If you are on a course with a professional placement you will have to follow additional procedures for reporting your absence.


  • Our Contact Details

    Please follow this link for full email, telephone and contact details, plus opening hours for each Programme Administration Office.

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