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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated return to campus 2021

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The information below is for all students not taking a Health-related course. Health Students should click here for information regarding absence.



Absence Reporting for Students not on Health Courses

If you are unable to attend University sessions or placement institutions then you should report your absence via the STUDENT DETAILS using the SELF CERTIFICATION tab (avialable via the student hub).

When you are absent you must notify the University via the self certification tab as soon as possible and before 9.00 am on the first day of your absence if possible.

ITE students who are absent during a placement day must also contact their placement school and advise them of their absence and the reasons for this. You must contact your placement school before the commencement of the school day and also report your absence via the sepf certification tab.

Student Absence Reporting - non-placement related

Please report your absence online via your STUDENT DETAILS using the SELF CERTIFICATION tab.


Absence Reporting for Students on Health courses (see course list below)

Students on the following courses should inform the Placement Learning Unit directly (contact details below):

Pre-Registration Nursing
Occupational Therapy
Diagnostic Radiography

If on placement at the time of your absence you must also contact your placement location directly to inform them of the details of your absence as well as contacting the Placement Learning Unit.

Site of Study

Placement Learning Unit telephone number


All sites 

01524 590816

24 hr answerphone


Absence Reporting (Health Students) Full Procedure

The full process and procedure for Health Students to report absences is available here.

You should follow the procedure to:

  • Open an absence report
  • Close an absence report
  • Complete an official record of your absence

The policy and procedures, you must follow, can also be accessed directly from your Blackboard module sites.

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