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  • Brief description Case studies for social workers
  • Resource type References and abstracts, Reports and conference proceedings
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    "Our sites are compatible with screen reader technology and we avoid the use of JavaScript and AJAX wherever possible to accommodate visually impaired users who need to access our websites via this technology. Alt text is provided for all images to allow screen readers to convey their content to visually impaired users. We avoid placing text within images, as this would make it inaccessible to screen readers and to accommodate those users who wish to browse our sites with images switched off. We offer written transcripts for our podcast content to allow access to users who are hearing impaired. We avoid placement of red and green together to avoid visual confusion for red-green colour-blind users. Our content is broken down into short, clearly-explained paragraphs to improve ease of reading and comprehension and users can navigate our site via a keyboard to avoid the use of a mouse if required."


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Full Details

Community Care Inform provides critical information in a quick and accessible format to help social work professionals make and evidence their decisions.

Community Care Inform Children is designed for children and families social workers, while Community Care Inform Adults is aimed at social work professionals working with disabled and older people.

Date Range

Current information.


100's of reports; guides; case studies & reference manuals.

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