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The University provides Assistive Technologies and Productivity Tools to help enable anyone who may need assistance to gain more equal access to their learning.

If you require further support regarding Assistive Technologies, Alternative formats or Productivity Tools please contact:

Assistive Technology Officer, Caroline Briggs: 

You can also log an IT Fault/Request if you are struggling with a digital system 

  • What is Accessibility?

    The level to which a tool is accesible varies depending on the user and their personal requirements. A well designed product will support many users' needs and provide various ways of interacting with a product for example having a choice between speech recognition interaction, keyboard typing or a touchscreen keyboard will enable many users with different needs to access the same tool. 
    Our focus is to empower students to be independent intheir studies and have full access to:

    • teaching and learning material
    • digital content
    • assessment activities
    • University systems
  • What is Assistive Technology?

    Assistive Technology refers to any supportive device that enables a user to overcome barriers to learning, related to a disability or specific learning difficulty. For example a user who is partially sighted may struggle to view all aspects of a digital document however by utilising a Screen Reader they can listen to all the information included in the document, removing the barrier to learning.

    These pages are designed to provide you with detailed information on:

    • how best to overcome a learning barrier
    • assistive hardware available to you for loan
    • assistive software available for use
    • assistive workstations
    • how to use use asistive tools through the use of webinars, video clips, help sheets and FAQs


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