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SAGE Research Methods is a research methods resource created to help you with your research projects. You can explore methods concepts to help you plan and design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct your research, and write up your findings.


The following videos are from a live session that Chloe Turner from Sage presented for us at the University of Cumbria, and are definitely worth the time investment. The videos will give you a good introduction to SAGE Research Methods and cover content and tools you can use in order to improve research skills and build your confidence and experience in using the database for study and research projects. 

Click on the images to play the videos.

Video Video Description
Sage Research Methods Video 1,  

Video 1: This video provides a general overview and introduction to the Sage Research Methods resource.

6.27 mins 

Sage Research Methods Video 2,  

Video 2: This video demonstrates how to browse the Sage Research methods resource.

5.47 mins

Sage Research Methods Video 3,  

Video 3: This video demonstrates how to search the Sage Research Methods resource. 

12.51 mins

Sage Research Methods Video 4,  

Video 4: This video focuses on the Foundations module within the Sage Research Methods resource. The Foundations module is a great place to start for those new to research and research methods.

7.57 mins

Sage Research Methods Video 5,  

Video 5:  This video demonstrates the excellent Research Tools contained in the Sage Research Methods resource. For example, the Project Planner is a superb tool for helping you to work through your research project in a logical step-by-step way.

10.52 mins


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