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Full Details

This valuable resource indexes over 5,000 nursing and allied health journals, providing full-text access to over 1,000 of them, with unique pdf access to over 300.  If  the full-text isn't available it will link back to OneSearch, where you can check against our holdings in other databases. It has a more health focused search, with additional subject heading metadata, which can also be used to search.  See the guide to Subject searching

An essential database for nurses, allied health professionals, researchers, nurse educators and students.

Date Range

1982 to date. 


5,600 indexed journals.
Full-text from 1,150 journals including open access.
323 unique access full text journals.


  • Thesaurus of CINAHL subject headings based on MeSH controlled vocabulary but more nursing focused.
  • Subject searching - See the guide to Subject searching
  • Search history and alerts function from the advanced search screen.
  • Direct export to Refworks from the save results option.
  • Can search other Ebsco databases at the same time (Note that the thesaurus and filters will be different for each).


Search Tips

Uses Boolean AND, OR, NOT ? wildcard,
* truncation, () for grouping,
“ “ exact phrases
Can limit by date, full-text and document type.

NOTE:  the string search can only support up to 5 "OR"s in one line.  You will need to break up your alternative terms into chunks if there are more than that.

Other information

Some journals have an embargo, so there may be a delay before recent issues are made available.

Guides and leaflets

There are various tutorials available from Ebsco including Basic searching and Advanced searching in CINAHL.

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