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Updated return to campus 2021

For most of our online Library resources, you will not need to log in if you are on campus.

If you are not on campus, you might have an additional step to sign in to prove you are student or staff at the University before you can open a specific eresource, ebook or the PDF of the full article. There are two main methods of authentication and both require your University of Cumbria email address and password.

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Links to many eresources are configured to require you to login before accessing the material. You are taken directly to the university's login page.

This login requires you to enter your university email address and password.

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If you find an eresource via a web search engine such as Google Scholar, then you will not be automatically routed via our authentication system and will need to look for the 'institutional' login link. This login is also sometimes called the 'home organisation login' or 'shibboleth login' or 'UK Access Management Federation login'.

The steps involved vary for different eresources but in general:

  1. Select SHIBBOLETH or INSTITUTIONAL login link
  2. Select the UK Access Management Federation
  3. Select the University of Cumbria
  4. Login using your university email address and password


A small number of our resources require individual or specific logins. Contact the Library to obtain the login.


Navigating online resources available from the Library can sometimes be tricky and occasionally you may encounter a problem. Below are the most common issues and what you can do to fix them. If you still can't resolve your problem, please contact the IT Service Desk or use the Ask a Librarian out-of-hours service.

  • My username and password doesn't work

    Can you login into Blackboard? If you can, then your login is working correctly. If you cannot login to Blackboard, you may need to reset your password using the Password Reset Service or by contacting the IT Service Desk.

  • I can't get onto an ebook

    • Check whether your password is working in Blackboard.  If not call the IT helpdesk 01228 888 888.
    • Are you using a Mac?  If so use the Safari fix.
    • There is no button for download or read online.  This means we have used up our allocated usage and we need to buy more.  Please contact and let us know.
    • Is it an Ebsco book and someone else is already using the ebook? If so you will need to try again later.
    • Are you using IE9?  There are problems with this browser, use Edge, Chrome or Firefox instead. 
  • I can't get past the EBSCOhost screen

    EBSCO is one of the providers of our eresources. If you get stuck at the EBSCOhost Login screen follow these Workarounds to access EBSCO content.

  • Is there a problem with my PC or laptop?

    Try another browser e.g. if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Edge, try Firefox or Chrome, they completely free to download and use.

    Clear your browser cookies or cache

    Check you are not blocking pop-up windows - many electronic resources use pop-up windows where the resource generates a new browser window. Some browsers automatically block pop-up windows and this can prevent an electronic resource or ebook from opening correctly. Some online resources may also require additional plug-ins or software to function correctly - if you block pop-ups you may miss the prompt to install particular software. Check your browser to see if you are blocking pop-ups, it should be easy to temporarily allow pop-ups when necessary or add the resource to your pop-up blocker.

    Check in your browser settings that JavaScript is not blocked/disabled

    If you use an Ad Blocker disable it for the site you are trying to access

    Check in the browser settings that cookies are not blocked

    If you are accessing from work there maybe problems with your organisation‚Äôs Firewall (e.g. NHS or MoD). You need to contact your own IT department. 

  • I can't get full text of a recent article

    Some of that journals available via the Library's various databases and online journal collections have restrictions on the most recent issues. These are called embargoes and can range from 3 months to 18 months. To check whether a journal is subject to an embargo, look up the title in the Journal Search

  • The Library doesn't have access to an article I want

    If the Library does not subscribe to the journal you need, you can request a photocopy of the article from the British Library at a cost of ¬£3.00 per article for undergraduate students. Postgraduates and research staff can request inter-library loans free of charge. Forms are available at the library service desks or you can print off a copy from our Interlibrary loans page. Fill in all the details - the form must be signed - and hand into your local library service desk with the payment.

  • Known Current Issues with Eresources

    If you are aware of a problem accessing eresources not listed below please contact the IT Service Desk to report the problem.

  • Emerald Journals

    We are currently experiencing problems linking from OneSearch to Emerald Journals.

    To access content @ Emerald you should go direct to Emerald Journals and perform your search.


  • Article linking to Westlaw from OneSearch

    Linking from OneSearch to articles in Westlaw is not working.

    You should go direct to Westlaw, and search again for the article you require.

    If you have problems persists please email stating the article/s you were trying to access.

Known Issues last updated: 16 Sep 2019 (MS)

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