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Important information and guidance

turnitin-logo, turnitin logoThe University uses Turnitin, a plagiarism detection and prevention database which will provide feedback to you on the similarity of your work compared with a worldwide collection of resources and previously submitted student work. 

We have produced some videos for you to show how turnitin is used by the University for submission of work and to give feedback and grade information.


Please note: Some of the screen grabs in the videos are now outdated. The principles remain the same, but your screen will not always look the same as those in the videos. All PDF guides have been updated January 2019.

  • IMPORTANT: Turnitin, assignment deadlines and time management

    Please be aware that you need to leave enough time to submit your assignments through Turnitin. The minimum amount of time required to complete an upload to Turnitin is about 5 minutes, but larger documents and busier times may mean the process can take over 15 minutes.

    If you have a slow internet connection, this can further delay the completion of a submission.

    Even if you start the upload before your assignment deadline, your digital receipt may not be generated until after. This will be classed as a late submission.

    Leave plenty of time to complete a Turnitin submission - do NOT wait until the final 30 minutes before the assignment deadline.

    See: Time Management

  • Submitting your work to Turnitin via Blackboard

    This video explains how to submit your assignment to Turnitin through your course Blackboard site.

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  • Problems or errors when submitting to Turnitin?

    If things don't seem to be working correctly, when submitting to Turnitin, consider the following options:

    Sometimes your web browser may be causing issues. The preferred web browser for Blackboard / Turnitin is Google Chrome. This is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux:

    There may be interference from another open page in your web browser. When submitting to Turnitin, make sure you only have one tab or window open in your browser.

    Turnitin seems to freeze when using a Mac. If you are unable to submit using Safari on your mac and the page is hanging but gets no further, please use Google Chrome instead.

    If the submission page seems to freeze or hang at the point of submitting, leave it a couple of minutes and then go back to the assignment inbox to see whether or not the upload has worked. If the upload not worked, please log out of Blackboard and then try again using the Google Chrome web browser. 

    Turnitin may be having an issue. Check @TurnitinStatus on twitter for the latest updates on Turnitin outages or planned maintenance.

    Sometimes Turnitin is just running slow. At very busy times, Turnitin can run a bit slower than normal - always submit your assignments with plenty of time to spare.

    If you are still having problems, please contact the IT Servicedesk.

  • Interpreting your Turnitin originality report

    In this video, Kay explains how to interpret your originality report.

    The printable guide shows you how to find your originality report and highlights some things to consider when viewing/interpreting the report.

  • Getting feedback on your Turnitin assignment

    Your tutor's feedback will normally be made available after the post date. This video explains the process and shows how one tutor delivers audio feedback to a student.

  • Turnitin Test Area

    Why not test your essay before submission? Most plagiarism happens accidentally, normally as a result of poor referencing. We would encourage you to use the turnitin test area available on Blackboard and use the similarity feedback it provides to ensure your work is referenced correctly. A video on how to use the test area is available.

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