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Now part of UK Data Service

  • Access the UK Data Service
  • Brief description: "provides commercial quality mapping and spatial data for the academic community"
  • Resource type: mapping and spatial data
  • No Accessibility Statement provided by supplier


To log in click Login at the top right of the screen then click Login. Enter Cumbria in the search field and select University of Cumbria.

You will need to accept all the licence agreements before you are able to use the resource.

Full Details

UK Data Service, hosted by Airbus Space and Defence Limited, are a platform service consisting of a geospatial data product (GDP) View service, GDP Data Download service and associated Support services. 

The View service:

  • Display GDPs using web map technology via a relevant web map service technology with an easily navigable user interface
  • GDPs can be adjusted and interrogated by the user to meet their needs. Users can turn mapping layers on and off, overlay layers and view them side by side for comparison. Any additional attribute information can also be called up
  • Users can add their own annotations onto the map with graphics and labels before saving or printing the map view

Airbusā€™ service solution use OpenLayers as the main map viewer component with additional custom extensions and will also reuse existing functionality present in other GeostoreĀ® services, in order to provide a modern and responsive user experience available for effective use on multiple devices.

The Data Download service:

  • Download specific geographically defined sections of the GDPs, in various file formats.
  • Download both raster and vector data in a variety of file formats and be presented with relevant license conditions.
  • Simple interface for navigation and selection of GDPs for download then specify the precise geographical extent for extraction. Extraction will either be immediate or via download link (for files under 1GB)
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