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Full Details

Detailed 3D images of human anatomy.


100s of anatomical images.


Enables the viewer to select a part of the body and view 3D images in greater or less detail as required. The images may be rotated and MRI imaging may be selected movie clips and slide images are also included. There are interactive quizzes and tests, as well as study guides.

Search Tips

  • Click on a structure on the image to display text relating to it.
  • Change the current view of the 3D model by choosing from the drop-down menu below the image.
  • Select the download image quality using the drop-down list to the right of the drop-down menu.
  • Rotate the 3D model using the arrow buttons to the left of the drop-down menu.
  • Strip away anatomical layers, from superficial to deep, using the layer controls.
  • Use the up and down arrow buttons on the control to add and subtract layers.
  • To jump several layers, use the drop-down list between the up and down buttons.
  • The deep and superficial buttons jump to the bone and surface anatomy layers respectively.
  • To save or print the image only, Microsoft Windows users right-click on the image.
  • To view a printable version of the page, with image(s) and text, click on the printer button. Use the contents tab to view and select from the entire content of the title.
  • Use the arrow buttons above the text to move sequentially through the text articles.

A full getting started guide is available -

Other information

For the site to work properly you need to set your browser to allow pop-ups.

IMPORTANT: Access the Quizzes and Activities

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