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  • Subject Business and Computing, Creative Arts, Education, Health and Social Care, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, Outdoor and Forestry, Performance, Policing, Science and Engineering, Sport
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  • Brief description A collection of ebooks for all subject areas
  • Resource type Ebooks
  • Walk-in access Walk-in access not available

Full Details

120,000+ multidisciplinary ebooks

Date Range

Current and up-to-date. 


120,000+ titles.


Access is via your University of Cumbria login details - a pop-up box will ask you to enter your university email address and password.


Simple and advanced search options.
Create a personal bookshelf.
Instantly open documents in quick view.
Copy and print with automatic citations.

Search Tips

Use Boolean operators "and", "or" "not" to combine search terms for more precise results. 

Other information

The Ebrary Academic Complete ebook collection can also be accessed via mobile devices - see for further details.

You can download ebooks to your personal device. A 3 step process guides you through the procedure.

You will need Adobe Digital Editions to download ebooks to your laptop or
desktop. This free software is different from Adobe Reader.

A free Adobe ID is also required to transfer the ebook to another device.