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Module Registration

This is the mechanism by which the modules you will be studying are attached to your Student Record. Once the modules are attached you will be able to view your module profile in ICON your online student record.

Module Registration - Full Time Students

If you are a full-time student you will view your modules for the next Academic Year during online registration.

Some courses are fully prescribed and students on these courses must follow a full programme of set modules during their study, examples of such courses would be Occupational Therapy and Radiography.

Other courses have an element of choice and you will be able to choose elective modules in addition to viewing your compulsory modules when you undertake registration for the next Academic Year via ICON. Detailed instructions of the elective module combinations you can take or elective modules you cannot take together up to the total amount of credit you require for your elective modules will all be provided during this section of registration.

Module Registration - Part Time Students

Part time students need to complete a part-time module registration form. Once completed a student needs to return the form to their Programme Administration office.

Module Registration – International Students

International students who are studying on Erasmus or Exchange programmes (rather than those who are following standard courses) will be provided with information relating to their module choices during their application process. 

If you are on an Erasmus or Exchange programme you will then be asked to complete an International Student Module Registration Form during your Induction week. You need to ensure that all the modules you choose start and finish during the period of your exchange and also that you select modules with a total credit value which is required under your learning agreement.  

If you then need to make changes to any of your module selections after starting on your course you will need to complete a Module Change Form. Please see the sections below on changing your modules. 

You may also have to complete a further Erasmus form which provides details of the changes to your module selections. (This depends on your home country and home university, not all students need to complete an Erasmus amendment form). Your Programme Administration office will sign and stamp this for you. If you do change modules you need to ensure that you are still taking the same amount of total credit which is required under your Erasmus, Study Abroad or Exchange agreement.


Changes to Your Modules

Full time Students – Changing Modules

Full time students on non-prescribed courses are normally only allowed to change their modules in the first 2 weeks of the semester. To do this you must complete a Module Change form, which you will need to collect from your Programme Administration office. You need to have this correctly authorised by the relevant module tutors and then hand this form in to your Programme Administration office who will ensure the change is actioned accordingly.

Part Time Students – Changing Modules

Part time students who wish to withdraw from a specific module will need to complete a Change of Module Form which they can download here. Alternatively you can contact your Programme Administration office who can send this form directly to you.  

Part Time Students – Withdrawing from a Module

If you are a part time student and you wish to withdraw from one particular module rather than withdrawing from your entire course, you need to complete a module withdrawal form. Alternatively you can contact your Programme Administration office who can send this form directly to you.

You would then need to return this form to your Programme Administration office.

Please be aware that if you withdraw from a module you may be liable to pay fees for this module. You need to contact Finance to see if you will be liable to pay for all or part of the module.