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IMPORTANT: BSOL now require you to install additional software to facilitate PDF downloads of Standards - see below for guidance.


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You may be required to login to BSOL using your university email addess and password.

If you wish to read a Standard online then click on the Direct Access link above and select Quick View within a Standard.


If you need to download a document to get full functionality within a document (e.g. using the search function) then read our guide Downloading British Standards before accessing the Standards. This guides you through the installation of some key software required to allow downloads to open correctly. 

Full Details

We have access to the following 21 Standards as part of our subscription. We may be able to add a few more titles to our subscription. If there is another standard you are interested in please let us know - students via our Get More Books form; tutors via 

StandardName / info
BS EN ISO 9000:2015 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary.
BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems. Requirements.
PD ISO/TS 9002:2016 Quality management systems. Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2015.
BS EN ISO 9004:2018 Quality management. Quality of an organization. Guidance to achieve sustained success.
BS ISO 10004:2018  Quality management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for monitoring and measuring. 
BS ISO 10005:2018  Quality management systems. Guidelines for quality plans. 
BS ISO 10006:2017  Quality management systems. Guidelines for quality management in projects. 
BS ISO 10007:2017 Quality management systems. Guidelines for configuration management.
BS ISO 10014:2021 Quality management. Managing an organization for quality results Guidelines for realizing financial and economic benefits.
BS ISO 10015:2019 Quality management. Guidelines for competence management and people development.
BS ISO 10018:2020 Quality management. Guidance for people engagement.
BS ISO 12973:2020 Value Management
BS EN ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for auditing management systems.
BS ISO 22341:2021 Security and resilience. Protective security. Guidelines for crime prevention through environmental design.
BS ISO 44001:2017 + BS ISO 44002:2019 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems complete package
Project Management 
BS 6079:2019 Project management. Principles and guidance for the management of projects.
BS ISO 21500:2021 Project, programme and portfolio management: Context and concepts  
BS ISO 21502:2020 Project, programme and portfolio management. Guidance on project management.
BS ISO 21505: 2017 Project, programme and portfolio management. Guidance on governance
Risk Management  
BS ISO 31000:2018 Risk management. Guidelines.
BS 65000:2022 Organizational resilience. Code of practice
BS 10501:2014 Guide to implementing procurement fraud controls
BS ISO 20400:2017  Sustainable procurement. Guidance

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Can download PDF of each standard (requires additional software - see Downloads above); can preview all standards – not just those in our subscription; can search by number of standard or by keyword.

Search Tips

Can search standards just by number (do not need to include BS, ISO etc.); searching by keyword will look across all standards, not just those in our subscription.


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