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  • Brief Description Product, brand, company information and shopping guides
  • Resource Type Reports and statistics


Important: A username and password is required to access this database both on and off campus - please contact the library for details. A response will be sent during normal working hours.

University of Cumbria may access the Ethical Consumer website via a username and password, for use by University staff and students only and for educational purposes only. Any content is specifically not to be reproduced or redistributed externally, without prior agreement from Ethical Consumer Research Association Ltd.

Full Details 

Ethical Consumer is an ethical rating system, based on detailed research of over 40,000 companies, brands and products.

These ratings are updated in real time from our corporate research database. The database is a result of over 20 years work conducting primary and secondary research and systematically organising it using Ethical Consumer's ratings system. The ratings cover around 300 topics in 19 areas in 5 main categories. It is updated it daily. 

You can personalise 100+ ethical shopping guides in a way that accurately reflects the issues that are most important to you - be that animal testing, climate change, sweatshop labour, GM crops, nuclear power or whatever.

Subscribers can also access detailed product, brand & company information.

Here is an overview and video about the shopping guides, company profiles, and how to use them.

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