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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated return to campus 2021

In this section you will find all of the main areas of digital skills for which we have resources available.

You can also use the site search, at the top of every My.Cumbria page, to locate specific help and you are encouraged to explore Linkedin Learning which will have a short course or video to support your needs.

If you still can't find something contact the IT Service Desk for assistance or email to suggest a new resource.

dc_icon_bb, Blackboard Blackboard
Blackboard Ally
Blackboard & Linkedin Learning
dc_icon_comms, Communication  Blackboard Collaborate
Email and messaging etiquette
Microsoft Teams
dc_icons_cs, Cyber security Cyber Security
Email security
Mobile security
Password security
Portable media
Staying 'cyber' safe
When things go wrong
Your 'cyber' behaviour
Your identity
dc_icon_files, Files and folders  Backup strategies 
Converting files
Deleting files
File and folder management 
Joining different files together
Sharing files
dc_icon_web,   Internet Browser Cache
Downloading files
Social media and you
Studying from home
Studying on a small screen
Working on the web
dc_icon_it, IT @ UoC Assistive Technology
Computers & Software @ UoC
IT Services
IT Service Desk
Mobile apps
Passwords and logins
Printing and scanning
Registration & induction
Student remote desktop
Studying from home
dc_icons_lil,   Linkedin Learning Linkedin Learning
Let's get digital
Linkedin Learning & Blackboard
Recommended content
dc_icons_audio, Multimedia Audio presentations inc. narrated PowerPoint 
Visual presentations
Working with audio
Working with video
dc_icon_365, Office 365   Email
Free Microsoft Office
Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) 
dc_icon_wifi, Wi-fi Eduroam
Wi-fi and internet
dc_icon_win,   Windows tips and tools Apps for learning 
Snipping Tools



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