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Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions using their Wi-Fi enabled devices. Eduroam comes in two flavours, Home and Visited. The university operates both types of service.


The University of Cumbria is a participating member of eduroam, and as such all University of Cumbria staff and students can use eduroam at all participating sites around the world at no cost.

For information on Eduroam and participating organisations please click here.


  • Configure Eduroam for your device

    Configuring eduroam

    Eduroam is available on most popular devices, however it should be noted that not all devices are compatible with the service and some older devices may not work with the App intended for your operating system.


    Tools are available to assist you with installing and configuring eduroam on your device, and the tool you use will depend on your device type, model, and OS, etc.

    Generally, we recommend using the “geteduroam” app for newer devices. However, if this does not work or is unavailable for your device, we recommend the “eduroamCAT” app.

    Both “geteduroam” and “eduroamCAT” are available from the App Store or Google Play, respectively. However, they may not be available for your specific device/model/OS. If that is the case, please open a web browser and visit for alternative installation options. Instructions are provided within the apps.

    When searching for your institution, please look for “University of Cumbria”.

    If asked to choose a profile, select “UoC_Students_and_Staff”.


    Usernames and passwords


    You can use your email address and associated password



    As previously, your username must be in the format of  <username>@<domain>

    The username is not your email address but a combination of the username you use to log in to campus computers and the domain “”.

    Your password is also the one you use to log in to campus computers.

    Example of a staff user:

  • Visitors to the University of Cumbria

    Here at the University of Cumbria we operate eduroam via a WPA2/AES enabled wireless network.

    Our wireless coverage is extensive, more information on wireless enabled areas can be found here.

    Visiting users are reminded to ensure that your device is configured and working for use on eduroam at your own institution before travelling. If you require support please contact your home institution's IT Helpdesk.

    University of Cumbria and eduroam policies

    Please be aware, web content filtering is in place on all university networks including eduroam.

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