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The following types of presentations will be outlined on this page:

1. Group/Individual Presentations

2. Poster Presentations


Group/Individual Presentations

While you are at University you will probably be asked either individually or as a group, to make a presentation of some kind. These can be quite informal, perhaps to introduce yourself to other members of your class or to give you experience of working and communicating as a group. Sometimes the presentation can be assessed. We want you to succeed, and so on this page you will find links to some resources which we hope you will find useful.


Starting and Ending Presentations


In the video - Effective Presentations Part 1 we look at Preparation:

Download our printable guide to Effective Presentations Part 1.


In the second video - Effective Presentations Part 2 we look at the structure of a presentation in some detail:

Download our printable guide to Effective Presentations Part 2.


In the final video - Effective Presentations Part 3 we look at the actual delivery of your presentation.

Download our printable guide to Effective Presentations Part 3.


Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are an interesting and challenging way to work, and are common forms of assessment and for presenting your research to peers.

If you want to see some examples of posters go to an image search engine and search for ‘academic posters’ - look at the results with a critical eye.

This website provides a very useful guide to designing the content of your poster.

Normally these posters are produced in A0 or A1 format so that they are able to be viewed from a distance. For details on how to setup these size of posters using PowerPoint:

Producing a large poster in PowerPoint 2016

For those who prefer to use Publisher:

Producing a large poster in Publisher 2016

For further help in using these packages go to

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