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To gain access to the extensive range of IT services that your university offers, you need to know about usernames and passwords, and you need to log on to the university Network.

New students

  1. You must have already completed the online registration process.  An email, sent to your personal email account, invited you to do this.
  2. Now follow the instructions in the First log tab above to set up your Network access.
Can we help?

Returning students

Your previous username and password may still work. Try the following:

  1. In a browser, open the University of Cumbria website or type in
  2. Select Current Students.
  3. Check whether you can access the IT services.

Can we help?

  • Failed to gain access? Contact the IT Service Desk and explain that you are a returning student.
  • Forgotten your password? Select the Forgotten Password tab for help.

All students

When you have successfully logged on to the Network, register your details on the university’s automated password reset service. This enables you to change your password regularly to keep your information safe, and to reset your password if you forget it. Read What is the password reset service?  Or just Register with the Password Reset Service. 

First log on

Before you start

  1. You must have successfully completed the online registration process.
  2. You need access to the internet.  

How to log on to the Network for the first time

Are you about to use a university computer on a university site? Yes: Hold down Control + Alt and then press Delete to bring up the log on box . Continue to step 2  No: Open a web browser on a computer. Continue to step 3.
2 When you open a university computer’s web browser, a box appears asking for a username and password. Enter newstudent as the username and Welcome1 as the password. Select OK and the browser will open.
3 The browser will start automatically, or in the web browser, type
4 If a Security Alert box appears, just select OK. An Activate your account screen appears and asks you to read and agree to the university's terms and conditions of using the IT network - you can not progress unless you agree.
5 You will then be asked if you are a student or a member of staff?
On the next screen, in the Student Number field, type your student number. Just type the number up to the first slash (/). Don’t include /1 or /2 in the number.
In the Date of Birth fields, enter your date of birth in the format shown.
Select a memorable question and enter the answer in the box shown. 
Select Submit.
You will then be asked to enter a passsword of your choice.  Please read the text about how your password should be formatted.
The final screen displays your username and your email address, please record these somewhere safe so you don't forget them.
9 You can log on using your student number and password. 

Your university username and password will:

  • Allow you to logon to any of the university computers
  • Give you access to your own file storage area
  • Give you access to your own printing account
  • Provide you with a university email address
  • Give you access to all of the online resources provided by the university including the university's Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard) and your personal learning space (PebblePad). 

Forgotten Password

Make these checks first

If you are a student and have tried to enter your username and password but they didn’t work, check the following:

  1. Did you enter your Network username?
    Enter your studentnumber.  For example, 123456. You don’t need to use this part of your student number: /1 or /2. Just the digits before the first slash (/).
  2. Did you enter your Network password? 
    This is the password that displayed when you logged on to the Network for the first time (your temporary password), or a password of your choice.  Passwords on the Network are case sensitive.
    Check that you entered correctly any upper and lower case letters.

Registered on our automated password reset service?

Then just go to the Password Reset Service now, and follow the instructions.

You will need your student or staff number to complete the reset.

Not registered on the reset service?

Contact the IT Service Desk and ask them to help.

When you get your new password, save yourself a lot of time next time Register with the password reset service.


Expiring Password

  • Use the Password Reset Service to update your password (off campus)
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on any university PC and select Change Password

Expired Password

  • Use the Password Reset Service to update your password (off campus - if already registered with the service)
  • Follow the prompts, when logging into a university PC, to update your password
  • Contact the IT Service Desk

Forgotten Password


Locked Account

Top Tips

Register on the Password Reset Service now - to save time if you need to reset your password again.

See Cyber Security for more information about creating secure passwords and keeping your login credentials safe.