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The Remote Desktop service allows you to remotely access a university Windows 10 computer when working off campus. This can be useful if you need to access specific software that is available on campus, but isn't available through a web browser - see the "What software can I access using the service?" section below.

If there is software you would like access to and you feel you need access to the service, you will need to register using the online form.

As part of keeping your information secure, and as an integral part of using the service, you'll also be required to register for a security tool called Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Please see the information below.

  • How do I register for the service?

    To register and be added to the service, you'll need to complete the online form. Please be aware that once completed, the process of adding you to the service can take a little time so please allow around 10 minutes after completion before attempting to access the service. 


    Registration Form

  • What is Multi-factor Authentication?

    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a way of logging into your university account which adds further security and requires you to receive and/or enter a time-limited code as proof of who you are.

    As part of using the Remote Desktop, you will have to register for MFA. This means that when you go to log into the service, you'll be prompted to enter your university password (as usual) but you will also be asked to use a second form of security method in order to verify who you are. 

    Once you complete the registration form for the Remote Desktop service, we will enable your account for MFA. This means that the first time, after registration, that you attempt to access any university service requiring your login (email, Blackboard, Student Hub etc.) you will be prompted to complete your MFA profile.

    You will be taken through steps to provide details for a second method of authentication for logging in, which can be using your mobile number to receive a code by text message or by using a notification/code through the Microsoft Authenticator app (app download required).

    You can follow step-by-step instructions using our MFA Registration Guide.

    After you have set-up your MFA profile, you will only need to use MFA when accessing the Remote Desktop Service. MFA is not currently enabled for other university systems, so you can continue to use everything else (Student Hub, Blackboard, Email, OneDrive, etc.) as normal.

    If you have any questions please contact 

  • What software can I access using the service?

    Using the Remote Desktop service allows you to access the following software:

    • SPSS
    • Atlas Ti
    • QSR NVivo
    • Refworks
    • MS Office inc. Project & Visio


    If there is any software you need that isn't listed here, and is not available using a web browser, please contact 

  • How do I access the service?

    You can find out how to access the Remote Desktop service using our Connecting to Remote Desktop Guide

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