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teams_chat, Chatting in Teams iconTo start, receive or join a Chat in Microsoft Teams, you will need to open and sign into one of the following: Teams on the web, Teams mobile app or Teams desktop program. See the main Microsoft Teams page for information about downloading Teams or login to Teams on the web.

To login to Teams you will need to use your University of Cumbria username (e.g. and password.


  • One to One

    1) To start a one to one chat, select New Chat which is located at the very top of the Teams screen:


    2) Now you have selected New Chat, enter the person’s name you wish to contact and compose the message in the box at the bottom of the chat:


    3) If you wish to format the text or type more than a single line in the chat box, you can do this by using the Formatting button below the chat box:


    4) If the person is not currently available, the Chat will be waiting for them next time they login and/or when they are free.

    You and the other person can add to the chat any time that you login to Microsoft Teams. This is especially useful if you want to continue the conversation or ask additional questions.

  • Group Chat

    1) To start a group chat, select New Chat in the same way as starting a one-to-one chat:


    2) Now select the down arrow located on the far right of the To field and type a name for the chat in the Group name field. Then type the names of the people you wish to add using the To field.

    3) You can add more people to chat by clicking the Add people icon:


    Adding even more people

    You'll find the Add People option in the top right corner of the Teams window. Type the names of the people you wish to add, from here you can also select how much of the chat you wish to include (e.g. all of the chat messages, or just the messages from when the additional people are added to the chat).

  • How to share a file in a chat

    Select Choose file Teams_attachment,  beneath the box where you type a message. This will upload a copy of your original file.

    You can also upload a file by going to the Files tab of a chat and selecting Share.



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