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Reflective writing

Student at Desk, You are likely to be asked to produce a piece of reflective writing at some point during your course and, depending on your subject area, reflection may be something that you are expected to do regularly.

This type of writing differs from more general academic writing in a number of ways. Have a look at the following resource that highlights the differences and similarities between reflective and academic writing.

Models of reflection

There are many different models of reflection and your course tutor may ask you to follow a particular one or you may be asked to pick one to use yourself. Generally, the models cover the same areas and advise you to consider similar factors in your reflection, so, if you are asked to pick your own, have a look at several and choose the one that you can relate to the most.  

The two most commonly used models are Gibbs’ reflective cycle and Rolfe et al. Alternatively, have a look at this more general list of questions and reflective phrases that can help with your reflective writing.


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