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Updated return to campus 2021

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Digital Skills for Learning

dl_lil, orange cartoon of LinkedIn logo Linkedin Learning

Free access to over 10000 online courses in subjects that include IT, business and the arts. Gain new skills and evidence that skill by earning a certificate for every short course you complete. 

Upskill with LiL is a booklet that contains information and links to lots of useful courses that will help you to study from home, get to grips with office tools & software and prepare you for your future employment.

remote_desktop, remote_desktop icon Remote Desktop The new Student Remote Desktop Service allows you to access a specially created university computer via your web browser. We have installed a range of software on this computer including SPSS, AtlasTi, Office365, Refworks, MS Visio and more. You will need to follow some instructions to get your access setup to use.
dl_it, orange cartoon of a mouse being clicked Digital Skills We provide a lot of help, advice and guidance relating to your digital skills/digital capabilities including support for specific products, services and systems e.g. Blackboard, Turnitin, etc.
bug-50, Cyber Security Keep you and your work safe whilst working online. Protect your devices, understand the risks and know what to do when things go wrong.
dl_passwords, orange cartoon of a lock Passwords Create secure passwords, keep them safe and register for the Password Reset Service.
dl_office, orange cartoon of microsoft word icon FREE Microsoft Office Office 365 Pro is available to all students to download and install on up to 5 personally owned devices. See Free Software, Apps and Tools for more tools to support your learning.


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