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Important information and guidance

Skype-for-Business, skype for business logoAll University of Cumbria students have access to Skype for Business (Skype4B) via the University’s Office365 portal.

Introducing Skype4B provides a whole new way for students and staff to collaborate from almost anywhere at any time on any device; smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

Staff: Skype4B (Skype Room Systems) is now used in all of the university video conference rooms - see below for a full list of these rooms.

Students: Please note that you do NOT have to use or switch on a webcam for most interactions and you can use Skype4B voice calls and/or chat. You can use Skype4B for:

  • Instant Messaging - chat window in Outlook online or using the full desktop app or mobile app
  • Video Conferencing / Video Chat - using the full desktop app or mobile app
  • Phone / Audio Chat - using the full desktop app or mobile app (but with camera off)
  • Webinar - using the full desktop app or mobile app (camera on or off)


IMPORTANT: Skype for Business is NOT the normal Skype app. You need to download Skype for Business on your computer or mobile device. Use your university login and then you'll have access to the university address book and any meetings or webinars your are invited to.

  • How do I access Skype4B?

    On Campus Access

    If you are on campus you can go to any student computer or laptop and Skype4B will be installed.

    You may need to sign in with your usual network username and password.

    Off Campus Access or Using Your Own Device On Campus - Instant messaging ONLY

    Off campus, you can access Skype4B from your personal computer by clicking on the Skype icon in your online email account.

    1. Log in to Outlook online at: 

    2. Click on the Skype icon (near the top right of your screen):

    skype_in_outlook, skype in outlook bar screenshot 

    3. The Skype window will open and allow you to communicate with people who have a Skype4B account.

    Off Campus Access or Using Your Own Device On Campus - FULL VIDEO

    To use the full version of Skype4B, you must install the full program on your own device. This is free and easy to do - see Installing Skype4B on my home computer.

    Skype4B is also available for mobile devices. See below for more details, and links to the latest downloads.

  • Installing Skype4B on my home computer

    Open your student webmail account (either via the Student Hub or login here: and click on your profile (top right).

    A new side bar will pop open. Select My account


    On the My account page - select View apps and devices:


    On the next page, you will see the option to install Microsoft Office (including Skype4B) and Skype for Business (as a seperate app). You can choose whichever option you like, but you may as well grab your FREE Microsoft Office if you haven't already done it.

    The system will already choose the right settings for your device, so you just need to click the Install button and follow the onscreen instructions:


    You may be prompted to login to your university account. This will give you access to the university staff and student directory and allow you to easily join webinars and contact tutors. 


  • Will I need training to use Skype4B?

    Probably not.

    Skype4B has a lot of features similar to those on personal Skype and social media sites in general.  But if you would like to find out more, Microsoft have some really good online training and user guides.

    Skype for Business help and support

  • Can I use Skype4B on my mobile device?

    Yes, you can. With Skype4B installed on your mobile device, you can log in using your university network username and password. You can now use Skype4B from any location where you have internet access.

    Be aware that video chatting and video meetings can consume a lot of data if you are not connected to wifi.

    If you would like to download the software, please click on the links below to find the right client for your device.

  • Can I create a Skype Meeting without using the Outlook program?

    Yes – this is a new feature of Outlook online and is available on Windows and Mac.

    Select Calendar and click New from the top bar, you will see the below screen, click on “Add Skype meeting”.

    A status message will be displayed advising that the meeting details will be automatically added to the appointment.start_skype_online, screenshot of outlook - highlight around 'remove skype meeting' button

  • Are there any differences for Apple Mac users?


    Using the latest version of Microsoft Office, meetings can be booked using the Outlook application by selecting “Skype Meeting” from the top bar see below.

    skype4b_mac, screenshot of outlook - 'skype meeting' button circled 

    You can also use Skype4B via Outlook on the web (see How do I access Skype4B? above). 

  • Video Conference Rooms

    The University has renewed all Video Conferencing units with Skype Room Systems (SRS), room based technology connected to Skype for Business online.

    When creating your meeting invite in Outlook be sure to include the meeting room email address these can be found below, in the apointment window the quick way to find these is to click Rooms (see below the following room list).  As long as the invite includes the Skype footer then the meeting will be avilable in the selected Video Conference Rooms.

    It is also necessary to book the room via the timetabling system. Where there is a room booking conflict you will receive an automated email reply containing the name of the user who holds the original booking.

    For instructions on how to use the video conference equipment, please see the documentation in each room.

    Location, room, room email address, capacity and how to book

    Email AddressCapacitySRS NameTo Book
    Ambleside Charlotte Mason CM003 8 SRS-VCAMBCM003 Timetabling
    Carlisle BR Main Building 2010 10  SRS-VCCARMB2010  Timetabling 
    Carlisle BR VCCBIC (Enterprise) 10  SRS-VCCBIC  Carolyn Hodgson
    Carlisle FS Skiddaw SKF05 12 SRS-SKIF05  Timetabling 
    Carlisle FS Skiddaw SKF20 12 SRS-SKIF20 Timetabling 
    Carlisle FS Executive Suite 6 SRS-BLE112  VCO Team
    Carlisle FS Vice Chancellor 6 SRS-BLE121 VCO Team
    Lancaster Alexandra Building AXB002 12 SRS-VCLANAXB002 Timetabling 
    Lancaster Alexandra Building
    AXB031 10 SRS-VCLANAXB031  Timetabling
    Lancaster Lancaster Exec Suite 10 SRS-VCLanExecSuite  VCO Team 
    Lillyhall Energus Building Lillyhall 20  SRS-Lillyhall  Timetabling 
    London East India Dock Road 4 (Room 7) SRS-VCLONDON  Timetabling 
    20 (Room 9)

    Inviting a Room to your meeting

    skype_invite_rooms, screenshot of skype invite rooms

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