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Welcome to the subject page for Chemistry.

This page will help you to find information for your studies and research. It is not an exhaustive list of everything available, but will point you in the right direction. 

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ScienceDirect is a leading scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and over 11,000 books. There are currently more than 9.5 million articles/chapters with almost half a million new records added every year.

Full text records for all content to which we subscribe are now available in OneSearch. When you carry out a search in OneSearch, you may see a link in the search results that says.  If you follow this link and we have access to the full text, you can download the pdf from the ScienceDirect website.

If off campus, you may need to login to ScienceDirect first in order to see full text.

  • Books & Ebooks

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    Books on all aspects of Chemistry can be found at Carlisle Fusehill Street library. Use the Request option on the catalogue to have books delivered from other locations or if a book is currently out on loan.

    To browse for books try the shelf numbers listed below but remember to also use OneSearch (above) to find what you need. 

    Where to find Chemistry books
    A Level Chemistry 540
    Analytical Chemistry 543
    Chemistry and Allied Sciences 540 
    Crystallography 548
    Environmental Chemistry 577.14
    Industrial Chemistry 660
    Inorganic Chemistry 546
    Materials Science 620
    Medicinal Chemistry 615.7
    Mineralogy 549
    Nanomaterials 620.5
    Nuclear Chemistry 539.7
    Organic Chemistry 547
    Physical Chemistry 541
    Spectrometry 628.5
    Techniques, Procedures, Apparatus, Equipment, Materials 542


    Many titles are available as ebooks. When searching the catalogue look in the results for 'Online Access’ .

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    ScienceDirect ebooks

  • Journals & Eresources

  • Websites

    CDS National Chemical Database Service

    The National Chemical Database Service brings together tools and resources for UK researchers in chemistry and related fields. All web-based services are freely accessible from any UK academic network.


    ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 67 million structures from hundreds of data sources.


    ChemWeb offers access to abstracts, papers, journals, books, conferences and news to enhance your research, product development, self-development, education, and/or your businesses in Chemistry and related disciplines.

    HSDB - Hazardous Substances Data Bank

    HSDB is a toxicology database that focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals. It provides information on human exposure, industrial hygiene, emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, regulatory requirements, nanomaterials, and related areas. The information in HSDB has been assessed by a Scientific Review Panel.

    Kaye&Laby - Tables of Physical & Chemical Constants

    For 100 years, scientists working in a variety of fields, specialists, engineers and students have used Kaye and Laby as an invaluable reference for their work. This online version includes the entire, unedited contents of the 16th edition (published 1995) and is crammed full of tables of data, formulae, graphs and charts. This information spans topics from fundamental constants to fibre optics, superconductivity to Raman spectroscopy and many others.


    PubChem is a database of chemical molecules and their activities against biological assays. The system is maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a component of the National Library of Medicine, which is part of the United States National Institutes of Health.

    Royal Society of Chemistry

    With over 54,000 members and an international publishing and knowledge business we are the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists, supporting and representing our members and bringing together chemical scientists from all over the world.


    Since 1997, the SciCentral editors have been aggregating breaking research news from the most reputable and reliable sources. The service has received over 30 Web awards and enthusiastic reviews from leading science publishers (e.g.; Science Magazine, The Lancet, The New Scientist) for the quality of its service. Over 700 other websites point to SciCentral as a trusted source of information.


     A resource for searching databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.