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Welcome to the subject page for Criminology and Social Science.

This page has been compiled by your subject librarian and will help you to find information for your studies and research. It is not an exhaustive list of everything available, but will point you in the right direction. 

Take a look at the Using the library pages for more general information about using our services. The Placement Students page provides information on accessing resources whilst away from campus. 

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  • Books & Ebooks

    See OneList (online reading lists) for current lists of recommended reading for your course / modules.

    All ebooks, in OneSearch, provide online access from any location. 


    Jones, P. Bradbury, L. and Le Boutillier, S. (2018) Introducing social theory.

    A core text introducing the socilogical theroies of Marx, Webber, Durkheim and others. Available in both print and electronic book.


    Pollock, J.M. (2018) Ethical dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice.

    This text covers ethics as it relates to the police, courts and corrections.


    Rothe, D and Kauzlarich, D. (2016) Crimes of the powerful: an introduction.

    Exploring the problems and issues created by crimes of the powerful, which for the most part remain invisible. This text looks at the fields of state crime, white-collar crime, corporate crime, financial crime, organised crime and environmental crime. 


    Redman, P and Maples, W. (2017) Good essay writing: A social sciences guide.

    Tips and techniques for writing good quality essays in the social sciences. This text includes some advice about what tutors look for when marking, plus expectations at each level of study.

  • Journals & Eresources

    Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full-text A comprehensive database including full text and bibliographic records for over 320 criminology journal titles. 

    Lexis Library Try this if you want to find up-to-date legal information, resources and expert opinion from established names such as Butterworths, Tolley and Halsbury’s. Plus specific titles such as Blackstone’s criminal practice. You can get current full text Acts of Parliament and check for latest amendments.

    ProQuest Criminal Justice This is a comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. A mix of full-text journals, references, abstracts, reports and conference proceedings.

    ProQuest Social Science Index and full text access to a range of social science, criminology and other topics. 

    Sage Premier Journals A large multidisciplinary database covering many areas including the social sciences. Includes almost 50 criminology and policing titles, many with a UK focus.

    Taylor and Francis
    journals, abstract databases and reference works published by Taylor and Francis.

    Westlaw  Up to date legislation, case law and journal articles including criminal law Review.


    Other databases that might be useful   

    Academic Search Complete A full text database of over 5,500 journals in most subject areas In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 9,500 journals.

    ProQuest Sociology International database covering Social Sciences. 

    PsycArticles Full text, peer reviewed, scholarly and scientific articles in a database relating to psychology. Covers journals, references and abstracts, reports and conference proceedings, trials and reviews.

    Wiley online library Full text database of over 1400 journals, including Criminology, Law, Social Sciences,and Science and Natural Resources.


  • Websites

    A selection of useful and reputable websites have been collected together for you here.  Obviously many more are available on the web but do make sure you evaluate all websites and any information you find in them before using them in your studies.

    British Society of Criminology

    A society largely for members, but there is a 'Useful links' page to UK and worldwide government and criminal justice organisations. 

    Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

    The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is an independent public interest charity whose mission is to inspire enduring change by promoting understanding of social harm, the centrality of social justice and the limits of criminal justice. Free online access to many of their publications.

    Crown Prosecution Service

    The Crown Prosecution Service is the Government Department responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales. Useful site with up to date information, news and guidance on legal documents.


    Full Fact are an independent factchecking charity. They aim to check claims made by politicians, the media and pressure groups, and stop misinformation spreading by pressing for corrections.

    Home Office

    Includes links to policy information, statistics, firearms, Government publications and regulations.

    Howard League for penal reform

    The oldest group working in the UK and internationally on penal reform. Includes facts and figures on children, and young people in the penal system, and news and events pages.

    Joseph Rowntree Foundation

    An independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. Lots of useful reports on a wide range of subjects.  

    Ministry of Justice

    A ministerial department supported by agencies and public bodies working to create a responsive criminal justice system.

    Office for national Statistics

    An independent producer or official statistics for the UK. Look under the People, populations and community tab for information on crime and justice.