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Scanning and Submitting Documents to the University

Whilst working from home, it may be necessary to submit documents to the university that would traditionally have been dropped of or posted as paper files.

These documents may include things like:

During the current environment it is not possible for staff to visit our campuses to collect paper copies. These documents will need to be scanned and emailed to the correct department or uploaded to a Turnitin Assignment (depending on the requirements of the document).

  • Scanning documents at home

    Scanning documents with your own printer / scanner

    If you have a flatbed scanner or scanner-printer attached to your computer or laptop, then you can use this device to scan your documents. It is not particulary important which document format the scanner gives you - PDF or JPEG image are the most common and can be viewed on almost any device.


    Some documents are fine to be photographed with a mobile device and then emailed or used as an image in another document.

    Microsoft Office Lens

    Microsoft Office Lens is an app (iPhone/iPad | Android) that allows you to use your mobile device as a portable scanner. It is completely free, very easy to use and can be linked to your university OneDrive account by simply logging into it. It will create jpeg image / PDF / Word file (you can choose) from any scanned paper document.

    Office Lens intro video

     Direct link to video on YouTube:

  • Extenuating Circumstances / Academic Appeals

    For Extenuating Circumstances (EC) and Academic Appeals, you can use any of the scanning methods, mentioned above, and then email the scan to

    Wherever possible, please send your document from your university student email account as this will allow us to identify you and use the sent date as a timestamp for receipt of your paperwork.

    If you must send your document(s) from a personal email address, please use an email address that you have included as part of your personal contact details in ICON. Also include your full name and student number, in the email, so we can process your paperwork as quickly as possible.

    Full details of the EC and Appeals processes are available from:

    Extenuating Circumstances

    Academic Appeals

  • Placement paperwork

    If you have a paper copy of any document from a placement (Health, Education or other), then you will need to scan this paperwork/evidence in order to either submit electronically, add to another document or include in a portfolio.


    The easiest way to do this is to simply take a photograph of the paperwork and include it as an image.

    Make sure that the image is clear and that all text is legible.


    Alternatively, you can convert a portfolio into a PDF document, scan your paperwork as PDF and then join them both together. This is a more complicated process, but instructions are available here: Joining different files into one document

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