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IWB Safety Tips

  • Ensure that the area around the IWB is clear of furniture, bags and other potential trip hazards.
  • Don't look directly into the projector bulb.
  • Ensure all cables are out of student's reach and do not present a tripping hazard.
  • Minimise time spend standing in front of the beam.
  • Encourage Students at the board to keep their back to the projector beam.
  • Supervise students closely while they are at the board and encourage correct practices.
  • Arrange the software so that smaller students can interact easily with what is on screen. Don't use chairs or stools to reach the top of the board.
  • Add health and safety notices to the classroom near to the board outlining good practices.

The Health and Safety Executive provides this advice:



The Promethean Classflow website is a fantastic resource for training and keeping up with the latest ideas. You will be required to create a free account.

You can download Promethean Activ Inspire here. This is the main software used when interacting with Promethean Boards.

Promethean Training and Resources

Through the Promethean Classflow Marketplace, you can also access free templates and resources for you to use or adapt for your own teaching.

Promethean Studio Guides:

  1. Getting started with Promethean Studio  
  2. The Promethean dashboard and navigation
  3. The main toolbox and profiles
  4. Object Properties
  5. Browsers
  6. Page browser
  7. Desktop tools
  8. Action browser
  9. Object browser
  10. Property browser
  11. Working with files


Library resources

The Library holds a number of useful publications with best practice and ideas for using interactive whiteboards. Search the library catalogue using the key words "interactive whiteboard" and/or "lesson plan".

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