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The following are examples of documents that may be considered as evidence:

  • Medical certificate
  • Hospital/doctor’s letter
  • Solicitor’s letter
  • Death Certificate

Documentary evidence must be independently verifiable and therefore letters from family members or friends will not be accepted.  Students must keep their Personal Tutor informed of any adverse personal circumstances. Where circumstances are of a nature that verifiable evidence is not available and your course tutor or personal tutor is aware of your situation they may provide a letter of support as evidence on your behalf. Newspaper articles, copies of internet pages or photographs (of any nature) will not be considered as verified evidence unless such documents directly link you to the circumstances/news stories being discussed.

Where medical evidence is supplied it must include dates, time frame and a medical opinion about the likely effect of illness on your ability to study for and/or submit for assessment.

Any information submitted as part of an academic appeal and/or extenuating circumstances claim which subsequently is identified as fraudulent will be disregarded from the purpose of the EC/appeal.  If you submit fraudulent information you may be referred for consideration under the Adjudication Procedure and/or Disciplinary Procedure or Fitness for Professional Practise Procedure.

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