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If your claim for extenuating circumstances has been deemed valid, there are a number of likely outcomes:

If you have passed the module, you may be offered the opportunity to void the mark and take the assessment again as for the first time (this is called ‘deferred assessment’ and the mark will not be capped at 40% for undergraduate students or 50% for postgraduate students).  Please note that even if the new mark is lower than the original mark, it will stand.

 If you have passed the module and do not wish to take the assessment again you must contact the assessment team within 10 working days of receiving your results to accept the mark.

If you have failed the module and have a mark below 40% for undergraduate study or 50% for postgraduate study, the mark will be voided and you will be offered a deferred assessment.

Depending on your EC claim and the details competed in the EC form there may be some instances when you may receive a valid EC outcome for one element of assessment within a module but not another.  In such cases, where both elements of assessment have been failed, it is standard practice for the earlier assessment attempt to be offered first as the outcome of this assessment may impact on the potential requirement for the remaining assessment to be undertaken. You can view some scenarios here which should help to make this clear.

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