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laptop1, Please use the following guides to help with your essay planning and structure:

Quick Guide to Academic Writing

Understanding the Essay Question

Essay Structure Diagram

Why we need paragraphs

Writing successful paragraphs

Writing Introductions

Writing Main Body

Writing Conclusions

Guide to Signposting

Being Critical / Critical Writing

Referencing, Plagiarism and Turnitin


MyC FAQ, Scrabble tiles spelling FAQFAQs

I don't understand my essay title, what can I do?

Can I use 'I' in my essays?

Can I include long quotations in my essay?

Is there anything wrong with quoting an author directly?

I've been told that my essay lacks structure, how can I address this?

I've been told that my essays don't flow, what can I do to change this?

What do I need to write in an introduction?

What is critical writing?

What should be included in a conclusion?

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