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The University of Cumbria has clear expectations about the conduct and behaviour of our students, whatever programme you are enrolled on, wherever you are studying and wherever the alleged misconduct takes place.

The Student Code of Conduct outline examples of what we expect of – and what we don’t accept from – you as a student. Many of the codes link to professional, statutory and regulatory body requirements which frame a number of our programmes. What you may believe to be an isolated or minor incident, could actually have quite serious implications on your programme of study.

The Disciplinary Procedure outlines the range of ways the University responds to complaints or allegations about student behaviour and examples of outcomes or sanctions that may come from a disciplinary investigation.

View the full Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Review Form- pdf to download, print and return (preferably scanned) by email to or by post to The Compliance team, Student and Staff Administration Service, University of Cumbria, Lancaster, LA1 3JD.

Disciplinary Review Form - Word document that can be downloaded, completed electronically, saved and returned by email to

Fitness to Practise Policy explains that the University has a duty to ensure public protection and that students are fit to practise during and up to the point of registration / recording of qualification or academic credits. The Policy applies to students enrolled on professional programmes requiring placements leading to employability in community, health and social care are governed by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies. Students are advised to read the Fitness to Practise Policy alongside the Student Code of Conduct.

Comments and feedback about the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure can be sent to or the Students’ Union.

The University of Cumbria collects and uses personal information about students in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which replaced the Data Protection Act in May 2018. Please read the Student Procedures Privacy Statement carefully and contact us if you have any queries:

  • Support before, during and after a disciplinary appointment

    If you are required to attend a disciplinary appointment, we encourage you to seek advice and guidance from the Students’ Union (UCSU) Student Support Team via: You can take a member of the UCSU Student Support Team or a University friend (not related to the complaint against you) with you to any disciplinary appointments for support.

  • Disability/spld reasonable adjustments

    If you have a declared disability or specific learning difficulty do let the staff member hosting the disciplinary appointment know. We can make reasonable adjustments to assist you through this procedure. Examples include, but are not limited to you having:

    • A note taker available to you (we may need to change the appointment date to allow us to identify a note-taker)
    • Additional time during the disciplinary appointment to consider the concerns
    • Rest breaks during the appointment.

    You are welcome to advise us of what you believe an appropriate reasonable adjustment to be.

  • Complaining about a University of Cumbria student?

    Please refer to the information on our Student Complaints page: and consider speaking with a member of the Students’ Union Student Support Team.

  • Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

    The University subscribes to the OIA which offers students the opportunity to apply for a review of their case when all steps of the University's internal procedures have been exhausted.

    Further information about the OIA can be found

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