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Personal Tutors

Student support and guidance is an integral part of your experience at the University of Cumbria and your Personal Tutor will play an important role in supporting you through your studies by monitoring your progress and providing academic support and advice. 

If you have personal or non-academic issues these can also be discussed with your Personal Tutor or through the University’s student support services.

Your Personal Tutor will be allocated at the start of your programme (your Programme Handbook will explain how Personal Tutors are allocated on your course). You should make contact with your Personal Tutor within a month of starting your studies.

  • At levels 3 and 4 you are entitled to up to two hours of contact time with your Personal Tutor per academic year
  • At levels 5, 6 and 7 you are entitled to up to one hour of contact time with your Personal Tutor per academic year

These sessions could take the form of face to face meetings or some group tutorials. You may also choose to meet your Personal Tutor by email, telephone or Skype, FaceTime or other online method. If your Personal Tutorials do take place as a group tutorial, you are entitled to request individual contact when needed.

If you wish to change your Personal Tutor you should contact the Programme Leader in the first instance.

You should keep the records of your Personal Tutor meetings as part of your academic development. Your Tutor will also keep records of the meeting, in line with Data Protection requirements.

You should be aware that if you disclose information through personal tutorials about your behaviour that contradicts any occupational professional code of practice linked to your course (e.g. nursing, teaching) your Tutor will be obliged to pass that information on to the Programme Leader. Additionally, if your Tutor considers that you are likely to cause serious physical harm to others or to yourself, they will refer you to the appropriate support service. Any sharing of personal information will be restricted to what is pertinent to the immediate situation and to those who can provide the help that you need.

Read our Personal Tutor Policy.

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