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Intercalation is a formal way of taking time out from your course, or ‘suspending your studies’. Intercalation will be considered for medical reasons or for other extenuating circumstances which prevent you from engaging with your course or programme for an extended period of time. Intercalation may also be approved to enable students to take advantage of related opportunities appropriate to the programme.

See the Intercalation (suspension of studies) section of Taking a break, transfers and withdrawals for more information about the practical requirements of this process.

Student Support

Intercalating students – student services support for students going on to, and returning from Intercalation.

Student Services offer optional support to students who are going on to Intercalation, for the duration of their time away from studies. We also support students who are returning from Intercalation, to help with reintegration back into university.

Going on to Intercalation:

You will receive an email from one of our Student Success Advisers, briefly outlining how contact with students can be maintained throughout the duration of Intercalation. Along with this email, you will be sent a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

A Student Success Adviser can email and phone you, on a regular basis, if you wish to be contacted.

Returning from Intercalation:

You will be contacted by Programme Administration, who will confirm your return date, remind you about funding implications, remind you about the student support available to you, and also to explain what you will need to do on your first day back at university, along with other useful information.

You will need to confirm your return to studies to the Programme Administration.

You will also be sent a welcome email from one of our Student Success Advisers, including Frequently Asked Questions, just prior to your return. One of our Student Success Advisers will also contact you by telephone prior to your return, to confirm that you know what is happening and that you are ready to resume your studies. They will contact you again a few weeks after commencing back at university, to ensure all is going well and to make sure you have made contact with the support services that are relevant to your needs e.g. money advice and academic skills.

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