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The following advice and guidance is presented here to help you find the right support for your circumstances.

Please refer to the Student Pregnancy and Family Leave policy for formal information, support and rules regarding your continuing studies at the university.

  • General Guidance

    If you become pregnant, you should let your Academic Department know as soon as possible. The University can only make provision for you if you let them know you are pregnant. Whilst your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or postgraduate Supervisor would normally be the first point of contact, you can initially choose to speak to another member of staff with whom you feel more comfortable.

    However, students should note that the Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or Supervisor will require to be informed. This is in the student's best interest as, in the event of an examination or other compulsory component being missed and you being unable/unwilling to provide evidence (e.g. because it is of a confidential nature).

    There are a number of implications relating to your studies which include:

    • Health and safety at university
    • Potential interuption to, or postponement, of studies
    • Risk assessments in relation to placements and field trips
    • Returning from a maternity absence
    • Financial considerations
    • Accommodation
    • Breast/chestfeeding and expressing facilities

    Advice for Pregnant Students

    This advice is intended to complement any other advice you may have received.

    General Advice

    • Follow any advice you have been given by your doctor or midwife.
    • Avoid lifting and carrying heavy loads
    • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time – don‟t be afraid to leave a lecture half way through if you feel uncomfortable
    • Avoid exposure to infectious diseases
    • Avoid exposure to lead
    • Be aware of stress - if you are feeling stressed from the pressures of university work be sure to mention this to your tutor / health worker
    • If you spend a lot of time using computers ensure that you maintain good posture - make sure that your chair is good quality, in good condition and that you can adjust the height of the seat and the lumbar support, avoid using computers for extended periods without a break (take at least 10 minutes break for every hour worked).
    • Avoid exposure to radioactive material
    • Do not smoke
    • Avoid passive smoking
    • Avoid alcohol
    • Avoid working for long periods without a break
    • Avoid excessively noisy areas
  • Contacts and Support

    Initial notification of your pregnancy to the university

    Please inform your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or postgraduate Supervisor as soon as possible.

    You can make your initial contact with any other member of university staff with whom feel comfortable, but your course team will need to be notified (as detailed above).

    Help and support

    Emotional Support

    Contact the Student Health and Wellbeing team for confidential advice or counselling relating to your pregnancy: 

    Brampton Road

    Fusehill Street

    Lancaster (and London)


    Financial Advice

    Talk to the Money Advice Service about any implications relating to your pregnancy and/or if you are thinking of postponing your studies.

    Health and safety

    Talk to your Personal Tutor about completing a risk assessment form to support your personal health and safety whilst pregnant at university.

    Your course

    If you are considering an interuption or postponement of your studies, please contact Programme Administration (PAd) to discuss your options.

    If you are entitle to Extenuating Circumstances in relation to one or more assessments, please speak to your module tutor(s). The Assessments Team can also help support you:

    Students' Union

    Your students' union are here to listen and to help. Contact the Student Support Officer here: UCSU Meet the Team

    Support for students whose partner (including same-sex couples) has become pregnant or who are about to become a parent through adoption

    Students whose partner has become pregnant, or who are to become a parent through adoption, can access the same support services as a pregnant student. Please notify your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or postgraduate Supervisor in the first instance.

  • Risk Assessment

    This student maternity risk assessment should be complete by the pregnant student and nominated academic tutor (personal tutor, module tutor, course leader or research supervisor):

    You can find the Risk Assessment as an appendix in the Student Pregnancy and Family Leave policy.

  • Breast/chestfeeding and expressing facilities

    The following rooms are available for students, staff and visitors for the purposes of breast/chestfeeding or expressing milk.

    Each room is private, lockable and contains a fridge for storage.

    If you have any queries about finding the rooms or using the facilities, please contact the main reception desk at that campus.

    • Ambleside, Rigg Cottage, Chaplaincy office
    • Carlisle: Brampton Road, Homeacres, Room 010.
    • Carlisle: Fusehill Street, Skiddaw building. Go to reception for the key and directions.
    • Lancaster, Fieldhead building, Room F1a. 

    Dedicated facilities are not currently available on our London site, but please ask at campus reception who will endeavour to find you a suitable space or office.

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