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At the University of Cumbria, we welcome students from all backgrounds and we are committed to facilitating a learning environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. We have a Prevention of Bullying Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy to support this commitment, and guidance on You Report We Support.

If you believe you, or another student, may be being bullied, harassed or discriminated against please do read through the  guidance and consider taking steps to address it – we are aware of the impact this can have.

You can talk with a member of Student Services using You Report We Support or you could contact a member of the Students’ Union (UCSU). The team can offer you a confidential setting to talk through your concerns and explore options - informal or formal - with you. Contact details for the UCSU Student Support Team can be found:

If you would like the University to take steps, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

* You can report an incident of Sexual Misconduct, Bullying or Harassment using You Report We Support* The You Report We Support team will be able to advise you on making a formal complaint
* If you do choose a formal complaint, the complaint cannot be anonymous and must be seen by the person the complaint is about so s/he can reply.
* If you do not wish to be visible as the person making the complaint, it is likely that the University will not be able to take any steps to consider your concerns.
* You can include the names of any others who have witnessed any of the issues or write in support of your complaint.
* You do need to have their permission to include them and they should separately contact to confirm:

    - They understand that the person the complaint is about will see this information.
    - They are willing to be named in the complaint.
    - If this is another student, they should send their permission from their student email address.
    - Where no permission is received, names will be blocked out.

The kind of information to include:

* Tell us the name of the student(s) or staff member(s) whose behaviour is of concern to you.
* Describe the behaviour of concern, including dates etc wherever possible and whether or not there were witnesses.
* Explain the impact the alleged behaviour is having or has had on you.
* Explain what you would like to see as an outcome of any action we may take.

When you have submitted your complaint we will confirm that you want the University to take your concerns forward and that by doing so, you and anyone else named in your complaint, understand that your complaint must be seen by the person it is about.

If your complaint is about another student, we will forward it to the relevant academic tutor or accommodation office for consideration. This may be through either:
* An approach to the student(s) you are complaining about. S/he will be:
   - provided with a copy of the complaint you have written
    - asked to meet with the tutor to discuss the complaint and make a reply.
* A Disciplinary appointment for the student(s) you are complaining about, as described in the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure. S/he will be:
    - provided with a copy of the complaint you have written
    - asked to meet with the tutor at a Disciplinary appointment to discuss the complaint and make a reply.

Further information about the student Disciplinary Procedure can be found online.

If your complaint is about a University of Cumbria staff member, we will confirm the steps that can be taken. This may be to refer to a complaint investigation through the student complaints procedure, if the concerns relate to the delivery of your course or a university service. Alternately, your concerns may be taken forward through Human Resource-facilitated steps.

The University of Cumbria collects and uses personal information about students in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which replaced the Data Protection Act in May 2018. Please read the Student Procedures Privacy Statement carefully and contact us if you have any queries:

Useful websites:
Student Handbook 
Student Policies and Procedures home page 

Comments and feedback about Student anti-harassment and bullying Statement of Intent can be sent to or the Students’ Union.

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