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​I​f you have a learning need or disability, you may benefit from Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive technology tools play to your strengths and work around your challenges. With the appropriate support in place you can overcome obstacles to learning and achieve your full potential.
The Social Model of Disability suggests that an individual is disabled by their environment and society, and if these environmental or social barriers were to be removed the person would then be in a stronger position to achieve their full potential.
The University has invested considerably in Assistive Technologies and believes that overcoming barriers where ever possible through support and Assistive Technologies increases both achievement and wellbeing.     
Student using a reader pen, Student using a reader pen


  • What types of AT software can help me with my studies?

    It is important to note that every individual is different and the table below is just a guide to support you in identifying the types of software available. It may be that a combination of these tools are required to fully support your needs.  

    Learning Need/Disability

    Potential AT Solution​

    Affected by sight loss

    ​Screen rulers, magnification tools or software, screen reader, dictation software, screen colour and contrast software.

    ​Reading​ difficulties such as Dyslexia or Scotopic conditions

    Text to speech, reader pens, phonetic spell checker

    ​​Speech difficulties, selective mutism or specific learning disability such as Autism

    Communication tablet, email, phone texting, visual help cards

    Hearing Impaired, deaf or affected by background noise

    ​Assistive hearing system, noise cancelling headphones, subtitles

    ​Fine and gross physical motor skills such as Dysphraxia or other physical disability. ​Alternative keyboard, trackball mouse, switch, digital voice recorder, voice recognition software, graphic organisers, mind mapping software, predictive text software, digital recorder

    ​Organisational skills and memory

    ​graphic organisers. digital voice recorder, mind mapping software, timers, calendar, task list, notes, mobile phone/organiser. Time management apps

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