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Part-time Retake Student 

Full time undergraduate students 

Students studying at Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5, that have more than 20 credits in confirmed failure, will be offered the opportunity to retake those module(s) in the following academic year.  The opportunity to retake a failed module(s) can only be offered once If the retaken module reaches confirmed failure status the student will be exited from the programme. 

If a retake module(s) has been offered by the University Progression and Award Board (UPAB) it will be noted on your Statement of Results transcript which is received by email following the appropriate Assessment Board, and also in ICON. 

It is very important that you check your University email account regularly to avoid missing important information.  You are strongly encouraged to contact your module tutor to arrange a tutorial for feedback, advice and guidance in preparation for your retake module(s). 

You will become a Part-time Retake student if you have more than 20 credits  in retake modules. 

As Part-time Retake student, you will complete the module(s) in full and will be expected to attend and undertake all study and assessment in relation to the module(s). You are likely be charged tuition fees for the module(s). For information on whether you will be charged and what fees are applicable please contact  

There may be implications regarding eligibility for funding and for any accommodation contracts, you may enter into. Please refer to our FAQ Is there funding available for repeat study? Or seek advice from your funding organisation. If you have any further funding related questions visit the Student Enquiry Point to contact the Student Money Advice Team.

With regards to accommodation contracts, please refer to your Campus accommodation office or private landlord.


At the start of the academic year, you will be asked to register for the retake modules. Once retake module(s) have been studied and passed you will be permitted to re-join the programme for your next level of study in the following academic year. For example, if you are required to retake two level 4 modules in 2022/3, provided that they are passes, you would start your level 5 study in September 2023. 

ACTION YOU MUST TAKE; if you do not wish to take a retake module: 

If you do not wish to take up the offer of retake module(s) and wish to be considered for any appropriate exit award, you must inform the assessment team within 10 working days of receiving your transcript. You must email from your student account to 

Once you have notified Assessments they will present your profile to the next appropriate  University Award & Progression Board for consideration. 


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