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This page provides a wealth of information about your assessment results, reassessments, deferred assessments and the appeals process. If you require further information contact the Assessment and Awards Team.

Assessment results

  • When will I receive my results?

    You should receive provisional marks and feedback, for both examinations and coursework, within 20 working days (which excludes weekends, public holidays and periods of University closure only) of submission. Provisional results are then approved by the University Assessment Board when you are either at a progression point e.g. having finished level 4 (Year 1) to see if you can progress to level 5 (Year 2); at an award point or if there is an issue that needs attention e.g. a fail mark where reassessment needs to be offered or if a valid Extenuating Circumstances claim has been made etc.

    Therefore, unless there is an issue with a mark you will receive your confirmed results once a year when you reach a progression point. For many students this will be in July before you are due to commence a new year/level of study. If you are a part-time student who does not reach a progression point on an annual basis your results will be released in July of each year or October for part time health programmes or at your award point whichever comes first.

    Postgraduate students do not have progression points as all study is usually at level 7. Unless there are any issues that need attention e.g. a fail mark where reassessment needs to offered or if a valid Extenuating Circumstances claim has been made etc. you will receive your confirmed marks annually in October or at your award point, whichever comes first.

    Confirmed results will be released, where applicable, on or after the dates shown for University Assessment Boards.

  • How will I receive my results?

    Your provisional marks and feedback will be returned to you by your module tutor and may be published via grade centre in Blackboard.

    Confirmed results will be emailed as part of an attachment called a ‘Statement of Results’ to your formal student email account and to any other email address that is held on record for you. It is therefore very important that you check your emails regularly as this transcript will contain any information relating to reassessment dates or outcomes in connection with your eligibility to proceed or progress on course. Additionally, once results have been released they will also be available for you to view on ICON.

    Results will NOT be posted to students - you will be advised on your transcript of results as to your status:

      • You are eligible to continue on your course.
      • You are not qualified to continue on your course.
      • You are eligible to continue on course for a Pass / Ordinary degree
      • You have failed a module but are eligible to continue on course with a compensated or condoned mark.
      • You are required to complete outstanding reassessments as a Reassessment without Attendance student.
      • You are offered the opportunity to retake a module(s) in the following year.
      • You have been granted a repeat year of study.
  • What does it mean when I have a Confirmed Failure in the Module?

    A confirmed failure (CF) is a failure of a module that cannot be recovered. This means that there are no more opportunities of reassessment available to you.

    This could either be because:

      • Reassessment opportunities have been exhausted
      • A decision of the Malpractice Panel

    A confirmed failure can mean different things depending on what stage of the course you are at and the regulations you have agreed to.

    In most cases the regulations permit a re-take of the module(s) in which you have a confirmed fail (CF). Retaking a module means that you will complete the module(s) in full so you will need to attend all sessions, undertake all study and assessment in relation to the module(s). As you will be taking this module again completely, marks achieved for initial assessment will not be capped as this is not a further reassessment attempt.

    Please visit the Reassessment page for more information about how a Confirmed Fail affects your studies.

  • What will happen as a result of a valid EC claim?

    If your claim for extenuating circumstances has been deemed valid, there are a number of likely outcomes:

    If you have passed the module, you may be offered the opportunity to void the mark and take the assessment again as for the first time (this is called ‘deferred assessment’ and the mark will not be capped at 40% for undergraduate students or 50% for postgraduate students).  Please note that even if the new mark is lower than the original mark, it will stand.

    If you have passed the module and do not wish to take the assessment again you must contact the assessment team within 10 working days of receiving your results to accept the mark.

    If you have failed the module and have a mark below 40% for undergraduate study or 50% for postgraduate study, the mark will be voided and you will be offered a deferred assessment.

    Depending on your EC claim and the details completed in the EC form there may be some instances when you may receive a valid EC outcome for one element of assessment within a module but not another.  In such cases, where both elements of assessment have been failed, it is standard practice for the earlier assessment attempt to be offered first as the outcome of this assessment may impact on the potential requirement for the remaining assessment to be undertaken.

    See Extenuating Circumstances for more information.

  • What happens if I don’t have enough credits to progress?

    If you have failed to gain the required credits to progress, to the next level of your course, and have reassessment opportunities available in the remaining modules, you will be made a Reassessment without Attendance status student.

    See the Progression page for details of progression requirements at all levels of study and under both the Old and New Academic Regulations.


    Information for students with reassessment / deferred assessment

    Please read this information carefully in conjunction with your Statement of Results that has been emailed to you and is also available in the ‘My Course’ page in ICON. Please refer to the academic regulations

  • What is the Maximum mark I can receive if I've had a reassessment in a module?

    At undergraduate level all reassessed modules will usually be capped at 40%.

    For postgraduates the maximum mark is usually 50%.

    If the module is assessed by more than one element the marks for reassessment will be aggregated to any original passed elements.

    The pass mark is the maximum that can be achieved for modules with any element in reassessment.

    See Reassessment for more information.

  • Reassessment

    If you have failed a module(s), this is shown as a grade of F on your Statement of Results sent to you by email or on the ICON. You will also find the requirements for reassessment there.

    It is very important that you visit the Reassessment page and understand the rules around reassessment and submission of your reassessment work.


    Undergraduate students, progressing from one year (and level) to the next must pass a certain number of Credits in order to progress to the next year (and level of study). If you have failed any element of your current studies, you should read and understand the rules for progression.

    Progression to the next year/level of study

    Your right to Appeal

    You have the right to make an appeal against a decision of the University Assessment Board if you have grounds to do so, and within 10 working days of the official release date of results.

    Further information and FAQs about appeals are available from the Academic Appeals page.


    If you have any queries about your assessment position after reading this information, please consult your Course Tutor or the Assessment Team.

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