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Note: This information replaces the previous Assessment Boards - MAB (Module Assessment Board) and UAB (University Assessment Board).

The Module Confirmation Board (MCB) considers module marks which are then presented to a University Progression and Award Board (UPAB) where decisions about student progress and awards are taken.

The Quality Enhancement Board (QEB) looks at patterns in mark profiles across modules, for example they may identify where a module has a very high average mark, or where a significant number of students may have failed a module and they ensure that appropriate actions are taken to address any issues.

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For continuing students, the UPAB determines whether students have met the requirements for progression to the next level of study .

For completing students, it determines the award outcome, including classification (if appropriate).

MCB, QEB and UPAB Schedule 2021-22

Further information on classification of awards and grade boundaries can be found in the Academic Regulations. Explanations of award titles, including exit awards, can be found in your programme handbook.


Assessment Board FAQs

  • Why can't I see my results in ICON?

    Marks remain provisional until they have been confirmed through the two tier assessment board process.  Once marks have been confirmed they will be displayed on the ‘Your Course’ section of ICON

  • What is a provisional Mark?

    All marks are provisional until they have been presented firstly at a Module Assessment Board (MAB) and then the University Assessment Board (UAB).

    Once your marks have been confirmed by the UAB you will be sent an email to all the email addresses we hold for you (please make sure these are up to date, by checking them on the Student Portal) advising you that your marks are now able to be viewed in ICON

  • What information will be available in ICON after the UAB?

    You will be able to view your marks for each module along with any reassessment information, outcomes of extenuating circumstances claims  and awards.

    An email prompt will be sent from the Assessment Team advising you to log onto ICON when new results become available. You must check this carefully as you may have action to carry out once you have been notified of your results.  You can direct any queries you may have to the Assessment Team using the ‘Query’ option on ICON.

  • Can I find out when the Assessment Boards take place?

    The MCB, QEB and UPAB schedule contains Board dates for the current academic year along with the formal examination periods and reassessment submission deadlines. This is published at the begining of the year and you will always find the latest version on this page.

    See the link further up this page to download the MCB, QUEB and UPAB Schedule as a PDF.

  • How often will I receive notification of my marks following the board?

    All students will receive results annually, the exception to this is if you have reassessment, deferrals, extenuating circumstances that require a date of resubmission.

    If you are in this position, then you will be notified by Email from the assessment team and the information will be made available through ICON.

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