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As a student you are expected to adhere to all of the guidance that we have provided in relation to your use of social media and associated services. It is your responsibility to maintain your online presence in a way that is not unlawful and does not breach any of the University of Cumbria rules or regulations. Students on professinal courses will also need to adhere to any rules put in place by their professional body.

The University of Cumbria reserves the right to view/review social media content; in order to protect the reputation of the organisation. Where the comments and/or opinions of a group or individual are deemed to be in breach of any of the following policies; appropriate disciplinary action may be taken against the individuals who are involved and/or responsible.

The university may need to record information and/or publicly available communications in order to provide an audit trail for any future actions.

The rules and regulations to be considered when using social media include:

Additional information:

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