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The following information is about how our IT Service Desk are supporting you when you have an IT issue or query.

Service Desk calls and resolution by category

These are the top 5 categories of queries during May 2022:

CategoryNumber of support calls% responded within SLA% resolved within SLA
Information and Support 171 98.0% 100%
MFA 136 100% 98.50%
Desktop Software Support 97 99% 94%
Email & Calendars 80 92.50% 97.50%
Password Reset 80 99% 100%

What does responded mean? That's how long it takes us to initially reply to your query.

What does resolved mean? That's how long it takes us to solve your query.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

What is SLA? This stands for Service Level Agreement and are the timings that have been agreed for us to respond to and resolve your issue or query. These timings are based on working hours, so do not include evenings, weekends or public holidays. Each logged incident is assigned to an SLA category and the majority of incidents are placed into Medium by default:

SLA CategoryResponse TimeResolution Time
Low 28 hours (1 day & 4 hours) 99 days
Medium 9.5 hours 4 days
High 2 hours 28.5 hours (1 day & 4.5 hours)
Major 1 hour 8 hours
Immediate 1 hour 6 hours

Number of calls handled by the IT Service Desk

Period (beginning)Period (end)Number of calls
June 21 August 21 1666
September 21 November 21 2901
December 21 Feb 22 2689
March 22 May 22 2166
Total calls: 9422


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