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When will my student account be disabled?
When a student finishes their course, the University provides an additional 12 months of IT access (based on the official course end date that we have recorded for you). This helps support students as they move to either further education or into employment. We will email your student account a minimum of 30 days before we disable the account. Please note, this does not include access to Library EResources which are only accessible between your recorded course start and end dates.
What do I do if I am completing a reassessment / extended module?
Your student record should be updated with your newly agreed course end date. However, if you have received the disabled account email and are concerned, please contact the Programme Administration team who can confirm and update your record as appropriate. 
Do I need my student account for Graduation?
No, this is not required for Graduation. Details about this will be sent to the personal email address that we have on record for you. Please ensure this is up to date before leaving your course. For any other queries regarding Graduation, please email
What access will I lose?
When your account is disabled, you will lose access to any app or system that required you to sign in with your University account. This includes the Student Hub, your University Office 365 licence (e.g. Outlook email, Teams, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. – this includes any device you have installed this on), Blackboard, PebblePad, LinkedIn Learning and any other application or system that needed a login.
What should I do?
You may wish to move all your contacts, forward any important emails to a personal account and save all your course notes, essays, dissertations, module books and handouts elsewhere - all of this could be useful for future reference.  Please remember to remove any autoforwards to a personal email address that you may have set up, that will stop emails being sent to you after your course ends.
What other resources can I access?
There are free versions of Microsoft products you may find useful while other online providers offer similar email, word processing and spreadsheet services.
Our Graduates can sign up to our Careers Service for up to 3 years after their course and don’t forget to stay connected with us by joining our Alumni. You can also continue to utilise PebblePad by creating an 'Alumni Account' that will allow you to retain any content saved on that platform. As a graduate you do still have some access to library resources too (see this blog post for more info).
Please note, we may decline any request to extend access due to the increased cyber security risks these accounts can pose, especially given the additional period of access that the University already provides.
For any other queries regarding student IT accounts, please email
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