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Welcome to your Student Hub - the Jan '19 version

Student Hub (direct link)

There are two big improvements in the Jan '19 version:

First is the new Academic Staff Directory. This shows Academic Staff contact details by Subject Group, or in the case of Education, by Campus:

 You get to this by clicking on a new tile in the home dashboard:

 Then there's the new My Well-bring app: a place for all support and inspiration:


You get here from the new tile near the top of the Home dashboard:

  • Accessibility

    Read the Statement, and useful hints, by clicking “Accessibility on the Student Hub” at the bottom of the screen.


  • Mobile App

    There is a mobile App in the App stores which you can install on your phone. Search “UoC Hub” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Campus Maps

    The dashboard “Campus” has a set of tiles which display interactive campus maps, and campus-specific information like buses and GP surgeries:

    A picture of the maps app in the summer 2019 Student Hub

  • Set your own "Look and Feel"

    You can resize tiles, move them around, hide them, and change their colours.

    Click “Personalise” in the top bar, grab a tile and move or stretch it. Or use the "eye" to hide it. Some tiles can't be hidden.

    Hit “save” and then if you want to revert to the standard, click “Reset Layout” at the bottom of the right hand sidebar.


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