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Important information and guidance

Student Hub (direct link)

Accessing the Student Hub, systems and services

The Student Hub provides access to all of the systems and services that you need to use to support your studies. The attached guide shows you how to access the Student Hub (on a PC/Laptop and Mobile Device) and how to find and work with the university systems to support your work:

  • Latest Updates

    The latest version: January 2020:

    - Has just one main dashboard! Things are better organised, and, apart from campus info, all on one page

    - Has much better Accessibility features

    - Lets you set your own look and feel - colours, sizes, etc

    Student Hub Jan 2020, Screenshot of the Student Hub Jan 2020

  • Set your own "Look and Feel"

    You can:  Resize tiles, Move tiles around, Hide tiles, and change their colours.

    Click “PERSONALISE” in the top bar. Then you can:

    • Hover over a tile, and click the "waffle":waffle, blue background with 3 white, horizontal lines
    • Use the "eye" to hide a tile (some tiles can't be hidden)
    • Change colours - hover over the tile, click the "cog" and select a new palette colour or make up your own
    • Grab the handle at the bottom of the tile and drag it around to resize

    If you like your changes and want to keep them, Hit “Save

    If you want to revert to the standard, click “Reset Layout” at the bottom of the right hand sidebar.

  • Accessibility

    Press "TAB" to Skip To Main Content

    Click the "Accessibility" tile in the top left to see more information: 

    Accessibility tile, accessibility tile

  • Mobile App

    There is a mobile Student Hub App in iTunes and Google Play store which you can install on your phone.

    Search “UoC Hub” in the Apple App Store or Google Play or visit our Mobile Apps page for direct links.

  • Campus Maps

    The dashboard “Campus” has a set of tiles which display interactive campus maps, and campus-specific information like buses and GP surgeries:

    StuHub2019 Maps, A picture of the maps app in the summer 2019 Student Hub

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