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Welcome to your Student Hub


More info, less clutter - both on the web and via the app - there are fewer tiles than the previous version and what could be seen as "clutter" on the landing page has been moved to a new level of tiles. For example, all of the help and support links have been placed under "Help: Course Administration" and "Help: Skills & Support"

News and Events - There's a News Feed on the home dashboard. You can personalise your news feeds, by Campus and areas of interest. Click on an item to see more details and even book a place if its an event. Important messages will also come as Mobile notifications - if you allow them from the mobile App.

Email - emails open directly in Outlook rather than in a separate app.

Search - you can search our websites including my.cumbria directly from the Hub, either from the menu bar or the new search tile.


  • Spotlight on My Preferences, Set My Campus

    You can get to this from the Home dashboard, and also "My Campus". From the Home dashboard:

    From "My Campus" dashboard

    Here you can set the campuses and subjects you want to see and hear about. What you set here decides which tiles appear on your "My Campus" dashboard and which items you see in "News and Events"

    You have to log off and on again to see it take effect, and then give it a while to synch up to the Cloud.

    Setting up Your Preferences


    Re-arrange and change the colours of your dashboards: 

    1. On the top right of the header, click "Personalise"

    2. You can now drag and drop the tiles around to place them where you like

    3. Click the cog wheel on any tile and a new panel opens - here you can change colours:


    Set your Campus and News preferences:

    Use the My Preferences or My Campus tiles to set your preferences.

    This brings up a new panel where you can tick and untick items.

    The Campus Locations group affects which tiles you see on My Campus, and all of the boxes affect your News and Eevnts feeds.

    Remember you'll see them work only next time you log in to the Hub, as they need to synch through to the Cloud.

  • Spotlight on My Campus

    Personalise your "My Campus" dashboard to see maps and information tiles for the places you're interested in. You'll have to set them up when you first log in to the new hub using "Set My Campus"

    Click on a Campus Map tile and you see classrooms, cafes, loos, parking, etc. Zoom in on areas of particular interest

     Lancaster campus map spotlighting Cafe Martineau



  • Spotlight on My Money

    This dashboard integrates with our payment systems to show your current accommodation, fees, printing and catering balances:


    The three balances spin round alternately - click on the balance tile to see all the details. You get a TopUp button for each of the three balances