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Important information and guidance

Peer Mentoring helps bring students together from different year groups and courses to form supportive peer-to-peer mentoring relationships.

University provides plenty of opportunities for personal and academic growth and this can be demanding and challenging at times. Our trained Peer Mentors are here to support you so that you can gain the most from your time at University.

Peer Mentors can offer support with various aspects of your University experience from making friends and settling in, to helping you understand the expectations of academic study and dealing with assessment worries.

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Peer Mentors can:  

  • Help you make friends and get involved in social activities.
  • Offer support as you adjust and adapt to University life.
  • Provide a non-judgmental listening ear.
  • Help increase your confidence.
  • Relieve anxieties surrounding assessments and exams.
  • Signpost you to specialist support services.
  • Help you to develop learning and coping strategies.

Requesting a Mentor

Peer Mentors are available to all students at Cumbria, no matter what your year of study or course you are on. To request a mentor simply click on the button above and complete our online form.



If you have any further questions on accessing a Mentor, please contact us on



  • How can peer mentoring help me?

    Peer Mentoring helps you transition in to University by becoming part of a supportive network. You can receive support in a number of areas, from experienced students who have undertaken training to help you make the most out of your University experience.


    Learning and Study

    Learning Mentors are trained to facilitate sessions that support your development of learning strategies and participation in collaborative discussions with your peers and tutors. Learning Mentoring focuses on encouraging independent learning and signposting students to specialist support areas.



    University Life

    Life Mentors are trained to help to ease your transition into University life. They can offer you an insight into the life at University, help you to make friends, access social activities and provide useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your University experience.



    Health and Wellbeing

    Wellbeing Mentors are trained to offer support on a 1-to-1 basis. They can help you to overcome low levels of motivation and morale, provide a non-judgmental ‘ear’ to those in need and offer advice on dealing with assessment worries. They are also able to signpost you to specialist support services across the University.







    We have detailed some of the benefits, and included some recent participant feedback, on the Peer Mentoring Benefits page.




  • Request a mentor

    Peer Mentors are available to all students at the University of Cumbria, no matter what your year of study or course you are on.

    To request a mentor simply click on the button below and complete our online request form.

    Request a mentor

    If you wish to know more or have any additional questions, please get in touch. You can contact us on


  • Become a mentor

    Becoming a Mentor

    PMGroup, Peer Mentoring provides valuable support for students at crucial points in their studies and offers a host of other benefits for mentee. However, mentoring also offers a number of benefits to the Mentor. It can help you to develop a range of transferable skills that can help you throughout University and beyond. 

    Our current mentors have told us that it has helped them to develop:

    • Leadership skills
    • Their ability to work as part of a team
    • Project Management skills
    • Organisational skills
    • Communication skills
    • Their understanding of the support resources available

    It can also help you to:

    • Enhance your CV
    • Reinforce your own skills and subject knowledge
    • Gain recognition for your voluntary experience
    • Increase your own confidence and motivation

    Apply to become a Mentor

    If you are interested in becoming a Mentor then please complete the online form below:

    become-mentor.png, 'become a mentor, click here' button


    If you have any further questions on becoming a Mentor, please contact us on


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