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What is it?

Research data management (RDM) is the process of looking after your research data.


Where does it fit in the Vitae Research Development Framework?

Research Skills (RDF C2) Research Management.


Why should you do it?

Well-managed data is easier to find, understand and analyse and harder to lose. It can also be shared, widening the impact of your research and potentially leading to increased citations.


How do you do it?

RDM involves: organising and documenting your data; keeping it safe, secure and backed up; archiving it for the long-term; optionally sharing or publishing it; and planning how you will carry out these activities.


Who can help?

James Stephens

Library Resources and Research Manager | Library Resources and Skills Team | Information Services

T: 01524 384455. Ext: 4455 | E:


Useful guides and resources:

A data management horror story by Karen Hanson, Alisa Surkis and Karen Yacobucci. This is what shouldn't happen when a researcher makes a data sharing request!