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Methodical Literature Search Video (Brief Version) 

Transcript: Methodical Literature Search (Brief Version)

Methodical Literature Search Videos (Extended Version):

Health Subjects | All other disciplines (coming soon)


Methodical Literature Strategy Template (Health) to be used alongside the Health Subjects video and using PICO to generate keywords

Methodical Searching General Template - for all non health topics (Word)

Methodical Searching Template General - for all non health topics (Pdf)



  • Methodical Literature Searching - what, where, why and how?

    What is it?

    Methodical literature searching is the process of choosing the most appropriate sources and applying a methodological approach to your searching.

    Where does it fit in the Vitae Research Development Framework?

    Research Skills (RDF A1)

    Why should you do it?

    A methodical approach to literature searching will ensure that you obtain high quality and focused results that are transparent, rigorous and replicable.

    How do you do it?

    Choose the most appropriate information sources and databases for your project. Use concept maps to develop keywords and apply subject headings, truncation, adjacency searching and wildcards. Understand how to use Boolean operators to combine search sets in databases. Complement your database searching with other searching techniques such as hand-searching and snowballing. Construct and write up a literature search strategy. Perform citation searching in Web of Science. Use RefWorks to save bibliographical details for references.

  • Useful links and support

    Useful guides and resources:

    Who can help?

    Library and Academic Advisors:

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